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major mistakes I see in backgammon players
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major mistakes I see in backgammon players
Posted by geoeasy 12 Feb 2015 9:43am

Currently I am a backgammon chump. I rate not too far above 2000. The difference between my skill level and a 2500+ players skill level is substantial.

I can not understand why rude chumps that play as bad as I do think that they are judged by how fast they can play. I see them make so many stupid mistakes while constantly sending messages like "zzzzzzzz" or "too slow".

Certainly the big boys play faster but I assure you they did not always play that fast. Thirty seconds is not all that long to assess all the different choices available to play correctly.

I look back at the players in the 1700- 1800-1900, who tried to push me around so I could not think and move through correctly. They are still back there moving with their great swiftness and making the same wrong moves over and over again. For those who, like me are students of this game, do not let these chumps push you around. They will be behind you soon enough.

Yes I do play faster than I did in the past and I am sure I will play faster as I learn the game better, but at a rating of less than 2500 there is still plenty to think about. Otherwise I would not be a 2060 chump.


Posted by cyclepath 26 Feb 2015 3:55pm

Completely agree, I have had a similar experience with some players too.

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 26 Mar 2015 8:44pm

Become a tix player and ignore the ratings. They are meaningless. People are able to get super high ratings because they are not playing for tix. You will never see a tix player with a rating that high. Ever wonder why?

Posted by fanmods 26 Jun 2015 5:16am

But its the player that takes forever to move and still males the wrong move that gets me

Posted by ZLough (VIP) 9 Nov 2015 3:55pm

Rating is not an indication of skill level. The best way to gauge skill is by win %. That being said the most common mistakes I see are.
Making the bar point instead of the 5 point.
Burying checkers deep in the home board to avoid leaving any blots.
Double hitting in response to an opponent splitting. Ex.
Opp rolls 34 - plays 24/21 13/9
You roll 23 - play 6/4* 6/1* (this is very common mistake) the correct play is 6/4* 13/10

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 11 Nov 2015 4:46pm

Here's the deal ... peeps who worry about ratings seldom play an opponent below their current rating. Therefore, why worry? You already have figured out how to pad your rating and present yourself as some kind of "champion." The true indicator of your competency is like ZLough said - win %. If you are so very very good, why worry when you play some 1500+. Yeah, I know your argument here is going to involve some explanation about the luck factor. Did you know God created luck for the unskilled? Get your noses out of the air and join the ranks proving they know exactly what they are doing and have no problem backing it up with a little moolah! Can't? Then step outta the way and njoy playing for a pretend rating status. Just don't get snobby about it, cause that's superficial, eh? I play everyone who sits at my table and skill rules over luck 99% of the time.

Posted by unclekerope_resist 14 Nov 2015 3:28pm

I agree with you, lady awe, although I can say I've earned all my points without padding. I haven't taken the leap yet to play for the, because I'm still hung up on having and protecting my high rating. That said, from a competition and skill level, people who are tix players that I play are in general far better players than non tix players regardless of rating.

Posted by ZLough (VIP) 8 Dec 2015 3:41pm

The biggest mistake I see is that players don't know that they're making mistakes in the first place. For example did you know that the best opponening roll is 3-1? By making the 5 point you already have a 55% chance to win the game according to computer rollouts. So for example if you open with 2-1 and play 13/11 24/23 and on the following roll you roll 6-1, you should play 11/5 6/5 and not 13/7 8/7

Not exactly
Posted by PhantomMenace (VIP) 4 Mar 2016 8:53pm

Goeasy the difference between 2500 players and 2200 players is nothing except the higher rated players only play higher rated players so when they lose they don't lose much and when they win they gain quickly. That is how to get your rating up high if you can find the matches. Once up there they have to play each other or close range since there is no one else to play. Win % is the best evaluation of skill over a long period of games. 500 games or more is probably a good indication, not a few hundred or so.

taking your time
Posted by PhantomMenace (VIP) 4 Mar 2016 9:05pm

Another point that you have run into "goeasy" is about time. Many players have played BG for many years and therefore know the best position play and values of all points which becomes automatic. IF you are taking lots of time to think on most moves then you are learning which is great and understandable. Everyone can play good dice but the best players play the bad rolls as best as possible and they can still lose. But don't be impressed by someone's rating only as it indicates they will not take a chance on a lower rated player in case they lose, not because they are better.
Not all but many ticket players are the best players in here as they value their time and want it to pay off. Players like me do not play for high stakes at the risk of losing, not because I fear any player for their skill. It is very hard for the "best" players to maintain over 60% winning percentage in backgammon. An example happens when the player has options and leaves the least amount of shots, say 11% chance and the opponent hits it and the "best" player then loses because of that roll. That should happen only 11% of the time but if it happens three straight times--he loses three straight times lowering his rating while absorbing the losses.

your so lucky
Posted by bloopy (VIP) 11 Mar 2016 7:34am

The worst is when you are playing well, taking reasonable calculated risks and make wise moves. The response from your opponent is "YOUR LUCKY!" That burns me up

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