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Play backgammon online

android app unlimited chat
Posted by ratingdesperado (VIP)
1 Feb 2018 5:57am
3 Replies. Last at 2 Feb 2018 11:52am
BG platforms for iOS/OS
Posted by remy (VIP)
4 Jan 2018 2:38pm
7 Replies. Last at 2 Feb 2018 7:12am
Ratings reduction for 'excessively selective' play
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
4 Oct 2017 10:03am
8 Replies. Last at 20 Jan 2018 4:23am
We have openings for some new Tournament Directors (TD)
Posted by Pearle (moderator)
10 Jan 2018 9:15am
0 Replies.
Thanks DeDe
Posted by Giants (TD)
31 Dec 2017 3:49pm
2 Replies. Last at 4 Jan 2018 2:32pm
Invitation (for extra $Tickets!) to test our Beta version of Multiplayer Mahjong
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
30 Dec 2017 3:39pm
0 Replies.
Looking for a little extra cash???
Posted by Pearle (moderator)
18 Dec 2017 9:43am
0 Replies.
explanation of record
Posted by dagman59 (VIP)
13 Dec 2017 6:26am
6 Replies. Last at 16 Dec 2017 9:03pm
Is there a 2-min guarantee of waiting for disconnected players?
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
20 Nov 2017 11:00am
0 Replies.
Posted by DeDe (TD)
4 Nov 2017 2:47pm
0 Replies.
point games
Posted by remy (VIP)
14 Jul 2016 11:16pm
8 Replies. Last at 3 Nov 2017 2:16pm
Cribbage Cruise Nov 2018
Posted by jethrotulll (VIP)
24 Jun 2017 12:13pm
0 Replies.
How to customize a backgammon game room - fonts, colors and layouts
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
14 Apr 2017 3:18pm
0 Replies.
A new 'java' layout for backgammon
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
6 Apr 2017 3:17pm
0 Replies.
How to adjust non-Java backgammon to your liking: fonts,sizes, display, colors
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
9 Mar 2017 1:02pm
0 Replies.
How to keep using Java backgammon applet at
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
9 Mar 2017 11:12am
0 Replies.
New Board Colors?
Posted by ZLough (VIP)
28 Dec 2016 8:36pm
1 Replies. Last at 28 Dec 2016 9:13pm
Ban at top of player name
Posted by player65
29 Oct 2016 5:38pm
2 Replies. Last at 1 Dec 2016 11:47pm
Match description
Posted by player65
5 Oct 2016 7:40pm
1 Replies. Last at 5 Oct 2016 8:59pm
Enhancement - Network Activity Indicator for Backgammon
Posted by webmaster (moderator)
26 Sep 2016 1:06pm
0 Replies.

Play backgammon online

At you can play games of skill only -- play for free or play for $prizes. According to the statutes of most states in the United States, gambling is defined as: "risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance". (Also see No Gambling!).   When you are playing games of skill (as opposed to games of chance) for $prizes, it will be a contest of skill rather than a random coin toss that will determine the winner. Playing the games of skill, therefore, has nothing to do with gambling as the skill factor (as opposed to chance) is predominant here. It's not a 'gamble' anymore -- the more skillful player will win far more often.

When players compete in tournaments or games of skill for $prizes -- it is "competitive entertainment" rather than "gambling". The more skilled winner will eventually prevail and will win more matches, tournaments and $prizes.
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