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Kasparov - World Chess Match. Commentary by Jude Acers

Chess News        Las Vegas FIDE World Championship


chess diagram


  • Shown: position after 60... Kc1 with White to move
    Black resigned on move 62.  * Latest analysis

    September 3, 1999. Read Kasparov Commentary on Match here

    October 19, 1999. Read World News Reaction to match  controversy here


New Orleans, Louisiana- August 09, 1999 .  Special analysis for ChessLab by Jude Acers -- chessmaster & the record holder mentioned in Guinness Book of Records (see Jude Acers World Chess Tours)
  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6"

THE KASPAROV VERSUS THE WORLD game has already taken a turn of consternation. Many late moving team members awoke yesterday to find they were defending the Sicilian Defense. Only 44% of world team players essayed the choice and team members Krush,Pahtz,Bacrot will forever be labeled "the forty four percenters" and it will be indeed one long hot summer for these wonderful players..

I joined the world team late and shot out my world class only defense 1...e7-e5 which defeated Grandmaster Walter Browne in a game voted world top ten by Informator's 5 grandmaster panel. I used it to draw with Fischer in 1964 and scored 11 times with it versus world class opposition, losing only to World junior champion Kaplan. But no...I like many other players worldwide now find myself knee deep in it, mud to the knees already. We have been led down the primrose lane by our steering committee, the three musketeers, admittedly those of genius....However, Mr. Salov, world top 25 grandmaster has just informed me that major computer analysis has shown that Kasparov has all professional main variations he employs up to 150 moves deep with all endgames. Folks , this is a main variation! He now employs computers only for all preparation. Thank you Mr. Salov.....

I am a loyal member of the world team but wish to pass word that ...I saw an abandoned service station a mile back with a huge sign WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY hA! hA! hA! It was rented (and autographed) by Garry Kasparov. Another sign with a pointer read "Little Big Horn just 1,205 miles north" ....atop the sign were four scavenging birds not yet ready to fly above but looking ready lean and mean.... I squinted my eyes at mirror-like images all around the valley at high noon, looking at Indians in the distance. But I realized that smoke signals would be the Indian message, and could not be mirrors. Sure enough the glint in the distance was indeed metal...about 100 cannons all aimed in our direction.

This is my first report from the front after 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6. Please note: our young crew now vote on only one move nowadays. They are circling the wagons! An 800 pound lady is singing in the far wing...

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+"

After the idea of Grandmaster Rossolimo (3. Bb5+) the world team is spared the tremendous problems of a two pawn center and development center which would have occurred with 3. d4.  Mr. Kasparov has literally saved the world team. With the sensible 3...Bd7 4.Bxd7+ Qxd7 Black can counter White's space with great care and many of the worlds greatest players will massively assist our young team to see that this occurs! The major problem is that the steering team has only limited time to post its 4 moves and a complete save policy for the middlegame and ending must be worked out totally for our team...

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4"

The world number one player is trying to gain space with 5.c2-c4 which will allow the world team to play the (expected 5...Nb8-c6 with good development, fully equal prospects. This has been deeply worked out by A.Shirov, the world number 2 ranked grandmaster. In my opinion the explanatory work by team consultants/analysts I. Krush, E.Bacrot, F. Felecan,E.Pahtz and moderator King is dead center reality. However , the crack analytical team of grandmaster Paul Benko (New York), problem grandmaster Milan Vukcevich (Cleveland) and San Francisco problemist Robert E. Burger ("Burgermeister") should be asked to prepare all endgames for the team right now as they are developing. They certainly are following the game... The world team will have scant time to post its all-important four move recommendations when delicate endgames are involved. It is necessary to leave the 20-22 hours for team voting worldwide. I am, of course assuming the team will live to get to an endgame...In addition, team moderator Mr. Danny King must get cracking on the back up emergency "safe move", that is encourage one player to play for safety only as a suggested back up move while the other masters seek initiative... With the world-wide voting process, should a terrible error be found in the 24 hour voting period, the team could move to the back-up suggested move on the board. (There absolutely would not be time to e-mail or private bulletin enough votes unless the team was quite fortunate to discover a problem very early in the voting with a 4-0 suggestion that loses!)...Under no circumstances should the team ever put the same move in all four slots unless the move is mandatory or purely common sense.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4  Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O"

A powerful bind for Kasparov appears possible 7...g6 8.d4 cxd4 9.Nxd4 Bg7 10.Nd4-e2! (Krush) and now 10...O-O  11.f3 Rf8-d8   12.Be3! Ra8-c8 13.Qd2! Ne8 14.Ra1-c1 Nf6 15.b3 Ne8 16.Nf4! (Acers) with the idea of 17.Qd2-f2  a weakening   invasion via Nc3-b5 in view. World team members who enjoy defending a great deal (like New Orleans player "Louisiana Lightning" FIDE Master Wayne Trosclair) will have a long summer of grim practice. As for the rest of is now clear that Kasparov has really understood that the position is perfect to play against the world team and offers little counterplay.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 "

Black has a very difficult game which our young but inexperienced chess wizards have to explain to thousands of people with only a few hours time before posting four suggested moves.  Miss Krush has only 2-4 hours at crisis time to suggest a reply...Kasparov, now unquestionably the greatest player of all time has 24 hours! I posted a simple bind variation showing the problem one week ago, warned that Grandmaster's N4e2 was a long bind, thus predicting Kasparov's move all the way for ChessLab. Don't blame me, please, world team for getting us into this knee-deep mess... we are  now informed (by deep four page-long analysis) by Ms. Krush, the great U.S. Woman's  Chess Champion who will play for $500,000  in Moldavia later this year that she is frantic to carry the fight to Kasparov with the new theory ... Qd7-e6 (Khalifman and Miss Pahtz) and not.... castling immediately which Miss Krush certainly now  realizes is absolutely not equal.  It makes no difference, massive work is ahead for me in my New Orleans apartment as I am really going to work to find out how to hold the middlegame whichever path is chosen. I assure you that I am only one of that the middlegame has approached and Miss Krush, Miss Pahtz, and Mr. Bacrot "The forty four percenters" who voted for the Sicilian Defense versus Mr. Kasparov (??) have led us to a cliff I have no intention of jumping off with them.  The big boys are starting to roll. We will find something... Mr. Burger? Mr. Vukcevich?  Mr.Christiansen?   Mr. Seirawan?? Time to roll, gentlemen...

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5"

World team plays 10...Qe6, Kasparov replies 1l. Nc3-d5 and now world team intends 11...Qxe4!! (Khalifman) 12.Nd5-c7+ Ke8-d7 13. Nc7xa8 Qxc4! with formidable compensation and spirited holding chances.."Dynamic material balance"- Grandmaster Danny King "  " I cannot believe my eyes -- wonderful two female matadors, veritable Manolete stock and trade" -Acers....... A daring counterstroke suggested by two young girls has shocked the entire world chess team which ACCEPTED THEIR MOVE 10... Qd7-e6  (with  their go -for- it- now counterplay, in depth four page analysis)... with the totally  wild no-free-ride for Mr. Kasparov   - sacrifice of a rook for a knight and two formidable Kasparov's center pawns leaving black's monarch  in the center while all this is going on! It has the endorsement of the world top 50-th player Khalifman and against all odds this game is going to be one theoretical monster and a thriller, really living up to its advance billing. Mr. Kasparov, clearly anticipating an easy life (never dreaming that a nightmare from two feisty  female masters not out of their teens would knock on his door)    is going to be squirming in his chair when he sees their  analysis up close and personal..... For ChessLab:  I will not lie. I never dreamed that the world team would follow Miss Krush and youngster Pahtz into this hair raising line so will go out on a limb and say that I would play it as black against a good US national master at least. It is, I guarantee you, about to get the acid test like no variation in chess history.... Look Elisabeth and Irina, Capablanca (Cuban world chess champion 1921-1927) stated in MY CHESS CAREER that "If a player believes a move is good he (she!) must play it and not be fearful of the consequences. Experience is the best teacher."   But did our feisty fierce ladies have  to put us  to the test right away? The hair is rising.  This is wild beyond measure. O.K...   Here we go.   "I BELIEVE IT IS PLAYABLE (with prayer)"-Acers.. 90-100% compensation (Acers) I repeat, how is your endgame, world team? Brushed up on it lately? If it needs work , don't worry , you will love  this summer...

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4"

Grandmaster Chess School of St. Petersburg, Russia which first broached this ASTOUNDING (no games in ChessLab) possibility to the feisty, fierce ladies of the Zone advisory World Chess Team, now considers the forced 12.Nxc7+ Kd7 13.Nxa8 Qxc4 14.Nb6+ axb6 with powerful middlegame and endgame in prospect - initiative and pawn mass for black. CONTINUATION: 15.Nc3  A)   15...d5 16.Be3 d4 with some risk to black's monarch in all cases -- no way versus Mr. Kasparov.    B) Absolutely safe appears 15...Rh8-d8 preparing to hide Black's king at e8-f8. After 16. Be3 b5 17. Rc1 b4 18. Na4 Qb5 "We think it is all fine for Black: 19.Rc5 Qa6 20. Rc1 Ke8. "Seems to be the most reasonable line."             
C) .13...b5 14. Be3 b4 15.Na4 Kc7!! 16.a3 bxa3 Rxa3 Nd5 with a complicated game, equal chances.

  • Comment after  "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4"

Black has a powerful compensation for his misplaced king in the middlegame. Extensive analysis worldwide led by US Woman's champion Irene Krush (Smartchess) and Grandmaster Khalifman St. Petersburg, of Russia' (Grandmaster Chess School) Online    ...convinced me that Mr. Kasparov has at best a draw and will have to fight for it immediately. I call attention to the mistake made by the Microsoft Zone sponsors that did not anticipate the hyperactive Qe6!! theoretical daring of Madame Krush and crew...there is NO "I claim a draw by three time repetition" button, NO "I claim a draw by stalemate, I  claim a draw by perpetual check,  NO "How are you today Mr. Kasparov, will you accept a draw?"option...this is actually coming into view in the analysis. Again Black appears has at least a draw versus the world's number one ranked player. And they can thank Krush. A box of Loretta's Homemade Praline Candies are to be mailed to her upon completion of the game from the New Orleans French Market Corporation. And I intend to ask Grandmaster Seirawan to forward her some famous Seattle salmon for outstanding work. #Acers

  • Comment after  "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3"

The sensational difference in world opinion in the position has the whole chess world lining up in totally different directions. BLACK STANDS WELL. KRUSH RECOMMENDS ...R-A8   While ...Khalifman goes with ....b5. Acers and Felecan played ...d5. All are tremendous problems for Kasparov to beat.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8"

You thought the chess world was a quiet place? Brace yourself.... A tirade of angry GRANDMASTER CHESS SCHOOL ( top Russian grandmaster Khalifman-St. Petersburg, Russia)   has been printed with a fiery denunciation of Irina Krush for playing 15....Ra8 instead of  the deeply analyzed by GCS recommendation 15... b5. In a shocking language printed all over the globe- it  must be read to be believed- Khalifman and crew maintain  that they are viewed as "some dirty Russians...what do they know in some far off place" and their article keep raging on from there. Krush has no such views, she tried her best, called it as she thought was safest......Khalifman correctly refuted several Krush computer driven lines but that does not make him any saintly paragon of annotative virtue -- huge errors and oversights are now coming to view as all
'playable' lines suggested by GCS are also being shaken like a tree... General opinion is that Khalifman's suggestion 15...b7-b5 was strongest but difficult to explain to hundreds of thousands of people hitting on  the Krush MSN game zone for her steering analysis column. SHE HAD TO MAKE A DECISION NOW.  It is Krush , unofficial team captain, who has the enormous burden as leader of the pack and her decision to go with the daring Khalifman  GCS suggestion 10...Qe6 made her world famous, set up Grandmaster Chess School for keeps and made chess millions of dollars in hit value which will certainly translate into cash tourneys, lessons, matches on the cabernet via Microsoft Game Zone sponsorship. I can assure you the Microsoft people are in heaven with  a  very controversial "Will we even survive?" middlegame approaching: 15...Ra8 16.Be3 b5 17.Rc1! Ke8 18.b3! Qh4 19.Qe2 Qh5!...... {avoiding  19...b4 Krush/Henley 20.Qb5!! -Khalifman- when  black is indeed gone with the wind} ........ as the endgame after 20.Qh5 Nh5 21 a3 b4 22.axb4 Nxb4 SEEMS NOT TO BE WORSE FOR BLACK.(Khalifman,GCS) This game came alive in shocking theoretical fashion by the miracle of Khalifman-Krush personalities and daring in two far flung locations... Mr.Khalifman could start being more diplomatic and start thinking 'limousine service and five star hotels' while in New York in the near future! He has richly earned it -- just stick with the team and not let Irena/the world team get mowed down at this juncture. "Survival moves" is what Khalifman now promises for tomorrow. "Hard Defense" is going to be necessary for the world team,  he warns. "Get ready."

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4"

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! Greatly aided by a stunning and highly questionable positional waiting move by Kasparov (rather than required simple direct development) the world chess chess team has coasted to an almost certain draw versus World number one player Garry Kasparov.  After the unexpected 15...Ra8?! by Krush, ridiculed worldwide by top grandmasters, Kasparov simply did not wish to dare further middlegame analysis visibly being worked out before his eyes in support of Krush & World team and went for 16.a4 (?) which has nothing to do with the insecure position of Black's king and their ominous development. Black struck back massively in the center with 16...Ne4! and now appears to have equality in a trot. The world team miracle girl strikes again and now Kasparov, apparently unsteady in this middlegame, has virtually no winning chances according to Grandmaster Khalifman of Grandmaster Chess School, who must now really eat his words...Ms. Krush rolled the dice, gave Kasparov a problem he simply refused to handle with direct simple attack. Waiting will not cut it with this now very serious and well organized world team. I consider Black dead equal and even prefer the Black pieces all the way now. We can only thank Mr. Kasparov.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4"

With thousands of people per hour trying to download the Irene Krush "we are ok- do not worry!" analysis after 17.Nxe4 Qxe4, the entire network for her red hot Smart Chess Online analysis forum has to shut off traffic at 4pm EST on Saturday! Local players tried it more than 100 times and could not get through! A 'sorry too many people' sign is unheard of for chess events with the exception of  the legendary Deep Blue - Kasparov event ...The coming move feared by everyone is the Kasparov obvious threat 18.Qb3 attacking f7 and b6. This is dealt with by 18...Nd4 with wonderful complications which no published analysis fears until today.  GM Khalifman from Grandmaster Chess School now expresses fear and surprise, wondering what the world team has overlooked.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4  18. Qb3"

St. Petersburg, Russia July 25   - International Grandmaster A. Khalifman has apologized for derogatory remarks, joining forces with 15 year old
old  I. Krush, World team analyst.  After the dreaded 17.Nxe4 Qxe4 18.Qb3 (attacking both pawns at f7 and b6) ... the day has arrived to determine if the world team will live or die . With voting still up in the air at this hour- Black can hold with 18...f7-f5!! as I also found last night, bringing up the reserves, holding a pawn storm and refusing to give up a precious pawn without immediate  to- the-end dynamic play. The best ATTACKING  players in the world are now putting it to Mr. Kasparov,   they are not going quietly to a White- is-better- theoretical  endgame which could certainly be defended in practice by a player like Khalifman in a 3-5 hour   normal game session..this is certainly also a  monstrous computer backed effort on Mr. Kasparov's part with  his own considerable personal engines torching as well .... There is 100 nation  support for both Khalifman and Krush, they are getting the strongest computer and personal support imaginable..internet traffic to their work at   GRANDMASTER CHESS SCHOOL and MSN GAMES is just  huge for chess ..  This is the "great surprise for Kasparov" planned by the Grandmaster Chess School after nothing definite could be found from chessmaster Felecan's 18...Nd4 19.Qxf7 Ne6 20 Bg5!! or 19...Nf5 20. Bg5!  Black still has survival chances in those lines.
We are pleased to note Mr. Khalifman, recognizing that the team analysts are "experts but still just kids" and he is going to help in any way he can. Communication between I. Krush and Khalifman is now direct! More I. Krush team magic working ...get help and get it NOW.   "For the last few days I have been in contact with MY FRIEND GM Alexander Khalifman, who has worked long and hard at the GM Chess School  on a fourth possibility that, in my opinion, is the best continuation for Black --  18..f5. Following a number of analysis sessions and with feedback from Alexander and GM Chess School , I began to study and appreciate ..f5 and its strategic goals."  I. Krush, MSN Zone.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4  18. Qb3 f5 19. Bg5"

SERIOUS WINNING CHANCES FOR WORLD TEAM, GAME BECOMES VERY VIOLENT, Black appears better in all endgames...  ChessLab/Jude Acers had more time to analyze 18.Qd1-b3 f7-f5!! 19. Bc1-g5. U.S. Women chess champion Irene Krush and her trainer Grandmaster Giorgi Kacheishvili were unable to find anything whatsoever wrong with their two lines now suggested. Acers, going further than their unclear verdict, believes that Black pawns cannot be stopped in the following variation: 19...Qe4-b4! (played by Acers today in his vote for world team) 20. Qf7 Be5! 21.h3! (Krush and Kacheishvili).. Acers believes that their suggestion a/ 21...Rxa4 (naturally planned long ago by Madame Krush..why in the world do you think she moved her rook long ago to a8 in the first place!) 22. Rxa4 Qxa4 23.Qxh7 Bxb2 24.Qxg6 Qe4 is NOT unclear but allows a powerful direct center  pawn sweep toward pawn promotion with Black's cleric notably paramount. NO LOSING CHANCES FOR BLACK IN ACERS OPINION.. .This variation eliminates all apparent counterplay against Black's king by another exchange.  If correct, this endgame can also be analyzed some 20 moves deep by the Khalifman Grandmaster Chess  School.  In addition,   Acers points out that the plan would be step by step EASILY EXPLAINED  by Irene Krush in her 'leader of the pack' role for the world team on MSN ZONE "SUGGESTED MOVES FOR THE TEAM" PAGE.  A SIMPLE PLAN  is mandatory to eliminate Kasparov's options.

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4  18. Qb3 f5 19. Bg5 Qb4"

As predicted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the simple powerful play of Black and already any exchange of queens is out of the question for the number one player of all time. Expected now is 20.Qf7 Be5!! 21.h3! when Khalifman recommends ...Rh8 awaiting more analysis. In total disagreement, Acers/ ChessLab believes that 21...Rxa4 is a deadly draw-in-hand material with winning chances only for black. The fantastic work done on this position by the great St. Petersburg player Khalifman (and believe me, folks, we haven't seen anything yet...wait until Khalifman closes in for the kill!) and mighty assimilation of world team efforts, courteous treatment of all people by Irena Krush has electrified & unified the chess world..... Granted her 15 minutes of fame decreed by Andy Warhol, Ms. Krush now heads into the next century as one of the most important chess personalities EVER at the tender age of 15.  I have never seen anything like this in one half century of the chess greats I have known.  She is ready for the Wheaties cereal box & mass media ride... The Hastings International Christmas tourney (England) has already invited her to play.  Mr. Khalifman still keeps getting in his jabs, again mentioning yesterday that 15...Ra8 (the phantom rook to nowhere pass move by Krush!) was mistaken and 15...b5 was correct. He overlooks reality: Krush's astounding second best roll of the dice led to the blunder 16. a4? by Kasparov which (as pointed out immediately by Jude Acers/ChessLab) lost three moves in effect immediately.   Nothing will ever change reality patio for Mr. Kasparov: he was eyeballed unbelievably by a fifteen year old courageous chessmaster who realized she could not analyze the complications for the world team with confidence... and she made a daring last second deadline of a rook passing move. By a miracle it worked, and she transformed a terrific 'can do' position into a real chess killer that Mr. Khalifman WOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN OTHERWISE. This is what immortal chess author, GM S. Tartakower calls "the equalizing injustice of chess."

  • Comment after "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4  18. Qb3 f5 19. Bg5 Qb4  20. Qf7 Be5 21. h3 Rxa4 22. Rxa4 Qxa4   23. Qxh7 Bxb2 24. Qxg6 Qe4  25. Qf7 Bd4  26. Qb3 f4 27. Qf7"

August 12,1999 26...Bc5! (Grandmaster chess school) was a safe draw -in- hand effort to win but by a tiny (less than one percent!) margin, the
Krush suggestion of 26...f7-f5! was voted the world move. I also voted for... f5-f4 trapping white's bishop ( I like to go for it like Mr. Shirov
and Attila the Hun) while forcing Kasparov to search for counterplay. The position really is tremendous for the black pieces,  a wealth of dynamic riches being an analytical problem: Black can operate on both flanks and the center. If there is any objection to Pawn f5-f4, it is that one should make pawn moves where we are stronger, not weaker. After Kasparov's just played 27.Qb3-f7 ( and the today  expected 27..  Be5 I had actually examined  weeks ago a three time repetition with 28.Qf7-b3(?) Be5-d4(?) 29.Qb3-f7!Bd4-e5 leading to a draw by three time repetition. I had already pointed out for ChessLab that absolutely no mechanism exists on the board to offer a draw, accept a draw, claim a draw by three time repetition. Many considered this science fiction. How's it look now folks? Kasparov really will try to repeat moves if he faces loss or dangerous attacking possibilities. This would also set the cash registers ringing as Microsoft and believe me Kasparov (a chess millionaire many times over) knows it would pay mucho bucks for the REMATCH OF THE CENTURY. "WE WILL GET HIM NEXT TIME AND WE WILL HAVE THE WHITE PIECES AND HE WILL BE QUAKING IN HIS STOCKINGS."  And think of all those I PLAYED KASPAR0V ON THE WORLD CHESS TEAM AND DREW- (NO PROBLEM!)  T-shirts we will all be doffing in elegant style. BULLETIN: This just in, a multimillion hit count on the Kasparov -Rest of the World web page has convinced MSN zone to move the entire CLUB Kasparov concept  from Russia to United States soil...the works, a total chess university, lessons etc. All free!


  • Comment After "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4  18. Qb3 f5 19. Bg5 Qb4  20. Qf7 Be5 21. h3 Rxa4 22. Rxa4 Qxa4   23. Qxh7 Bxb2 24. Qxg6 Qe4  25. Qf7 Bd4  26. Qb3 f4 27. Qf7 Be5 28. h4"

On 28. h4 Black will parry with 28..b7-b5 freezing Whites play entirely as ...Qc4 will jam White out of the queen's wing, at least holding in all variations.   It appears that Black  is still far preferable and it remains to be seen if Kasparov will head for a draw or play for the loss.
Current analysis has white in deep trouble in many variations with no winning possibilities whatsoever for Kasparov. This had better be great.

Both Qe4-c4 and even the immediate push of the powerful black b pawn now appear to effortlessly draw for Black in worldwide team analysis. We owe it all to Mr. Smejkal, Czech veteran grandmaster who invented 10...Qe6!!, Ms. Krush for her fantastic team unity, red hot  analysis, her notable explanatory prose, world class courtesy and manners, and of course greatest thanks  to super GM, one man  steering committee Mr. F7-F5 , "a surprise for Kasparov" indeed,  Grandmaster Chess School's pride and joy-  A. Khalifman ( and current Las Vegas World Chess Championship quarterfinalist who is right now gunning for the world title -$600,000+  as I write!! While all of this  has been going on...Khalifman is a survivor, 1 of 4 players remaining from the 100 original Indians in the hunt for $600,000 and the Chess Championship of the World -- see Round 6). The REMATCH OF THE CENTURY, now worth millions to Kasparov and MSN Zone game also appears seriously on. The world will of course have the White pieces and Ms.Krush and Mr. Khalifman are already warming up! ( He sneaked away in game one....we will get him this time!) in that second encounter...There is, as of today,  absolutely no draw -by-three time   repetition or "Sir will you accept a draw?" button for world team players to employ. Unexplainable.

  • Comment After "1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4  9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. N4e2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4  18. Qb3 f5 19. Bg5 Qb4  20. Qf7 Be5 21. h3 Rxa4 22. Rxa4 Qxa4   23. Qxh7 Bxb2 24. Qxg6 Qe4  25. Qf7 Bd4  26. Qb3 f4 27. Qf7 Be5 28. h4 b5 29. h5 Qc4 30. Qf5+"

15 year old world chess sensation Irene Krush was ridiculed widely for "unnecessary risk" in steering the World Chess Team to an active middlegame (With no losing chances for Black whatsoever-Jude Acers/ ChessLab). With 26...f5-f4!!- endorsed immediately by Jude Acers/ChessLab as "going for it like Mr. Shirov and Attila the Hun"-  was today also confirmed correct by an an all grandmaster team and apologetic open- to- the article by Grandmaster Alexander Khalifman and Grandmaster Chess School. ("Well, we used to criticize this move, we were wrong.")... Now realizing that the fantastic solo courage by Krush (the chessic Lindbergh) has led them straight to a lucky draw with Kasparov- he found  nothing  yesterday in the middlegame but hopes to block black's looming pawn mass... and with draw in hand for Black.  Kasparov has avoided ....Qf8 which Jude Acers/ChessLab also determined as playable and certain draw minimum for Black). After  30. Qf5+  Qe6..... To repeat what Acers/ChessLab alone   published instantly more than one month ago and which was totally proven worldwide:   Black has a draw in hand at all times,NO LOSING CHANCES... has the better position. The position is absolutely better for black, better piece placement, mobile pawns on unopposed open queens wing, dormant white rook for Kasparov, superior king position for the endgame AND NO ATTACKING CHANCES FOR THE GREATEST ATTACKING PLAYER WHO EVER LIVE... A fantastic novelty 10...Qe6 has been proven valid. With a sure draw  and souvenir T-shirt in hand ..( At game conclusion Miss Krush also receives, believe me folks we are not a kidding,  a package of Miss Lorettas Pralines from the New Orleans French Market and we will ask Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan in Seattle for some of the promised famous salmon shipped to her pronto as well.)..the world  team now prepares  for   THE REMATCH OF THE CENTURY... it is surely going to be a million dollar payday for Kasparov (he deserves it after being hit with 10...Qe6!!- the theoretical novelty of the decade)  and he will of course  play the Black pieces. Madame Krush will of course captain our team. And ChessLab/ Acers will be totally packed, tanned, ready to travel as well. Irena PLEASE, 1. d4,  NOT  1.e4. Thank you very much. I can stand one murderous middlegame in a year, two will press fate.  YOU DO KNOW Madame Krush what is going to happen if you play 1. e4?. THAT OPENING AGAIN. ..We barely got out alive once, our knees are still covered in mud.

  • Comment After 37...e6

This great move was recommended by the new FIDE champion GM Khalifman.  There are two main ideas behind it: (1) free up the e7 square for the Black knight, so that it could help defend against the White pawns' onslaught (2) protect the Black king from a possible check from g8 square. For full Khalifman analysis refer to

  • Comment After 38 ..Ne7

After 38...Ne7! J. Acers position evaluation is still 1/2-1/2 with endgame deeply worked out to at least two apparent drawing lines  by four teams worldwide.   September 3,1999...Kasparov's Kh1!!! was a fantastic surprise however...

  • Comment After 39. Rd1

September 6, 1999.  Black has 39... Kc4 attacking the queenside and promotion of one or both pawns and a draw in mind. Amazingly, a second plan, just 39... Ke6 is also holding the draw in many variations... Nothing of the sort mentioned by World number one rated player Kasparov (that it is not possible to prove a win for white or a draw for black see Kasparov's commentary) and seems to hold up in analysis sure looks like a certain  draw in two different ways. The eager beaver internet investigators in 79 countries (so far) that have logged on to play are apparently on to  everything, and FIDE world chess champion Khalifman/ Grandmaster Chess School (forewarned, justifiably  shocked  by Kasparov's simply fabulous endgame  surprise- Kh1!!) update now using color coded hot line analysis as it cooks in.. . The major ammunition will naturally  come when Kasparov actually commits himself to 39.Rf1-d1 e7-e5! (expected) 40.Be3 or 40.Bc1

  • Comment After 42...b2

September 13, 1999 New York.  Garry Kasparov, World No. One Chess Player, will be forced to take a draw despite his magnificent effort and what he described as "hundreds of hours of work, more than I have ever spent on any other game".  The world chess team in 79 confirmed countries, employing what 15 year old Irene Krush rightly calls "brute force methods", has  now  analyzed every possible endgame to failsafe draws in their one- move -a -day three month titanic  battle "one for the record books!"..  There can be no doubt now as to the result and simply fabulous work has been done on both sides of the chess board. A fascinating inside war is developing amongst world players who want to shorten the game by negotiation, agreeing to a draw with Kasparov! 'No way' says Krush and her legions, one move a day keeps the chess doctor away...and keeps Krush in the limelight...

  • Comment After 47. Kf5

Kasparov has played 47.Ke4-f5 and the world chess team now has an absolutely certain draw with the expected     47...b1 =Q !! leaving the world's most dangerous attacking player with his king blocking his remaining second pawn (needing 4 moves to queen) and badly placed for the endgame after 48. Rxb1 Kxb1 49.Kxg6 d2 50. h8=Q d2-d1 =Q with a dead draw in all variations, worked on by the worlds leading professional players for more than one month. FIDE chess champion A. Khalifman who has done fantastic analysis on this really historical marathon (94 days and counting!..."One  for the record books if there ever was one!"- Kasparov) now comments: "Black has fine chances to draw, though White's 'g' pawn is very dangerous"...this was our initial (and  rather superficial!) estimation of the ending. Now we would rather think that the Black d-pawn is not less dangerous than the White pawn. The white pawn needs 3 moves to turn into a queen (g5-g6-g7-g8Q) and White has to lose one more tempo for king retreat in order to make way for the free advance of his pawn. White will spend one tempo for centralizing his Queen (otherwise Black will check Kasparov's king forever). Totally, White needs 5 tempos. Black needs the same amount to queen his d-pawn   (Black Queen at d1 will retreat with a checking move on white's King so a tempo will not be lost here). So, a new couple of queens will appear at the same time at the board. THEREFORE  CHANCES IN THE ENDING ARE ABSOLUTELY EQUAL. (FIDE chess champion Khalifman and 20 grandmasters in the St. Petersburg,Russia  area  provide three full pages of analysis showing how black draws easily at GRANDMASTER CHESS SCHOOL   This game is history.

  • Comment After 55. Qxb4

Jude Acers/ChessLab confirms that all world chess analytical  web sites list a certain draw. High fiving, wild living, wild cyber celebration is raging rampant on internet locations checked for hours by Acers.  It has been 110 days so far, an experience never to be forgotten by players in 84 countries.  Many years ago the great chess teacher S. Tarrasch commented that he was sad for those who do not know chess, the royal game ...just as he would be sad to note someone who does not know love. This once in a lifetime Internet experience taps our shoulders gently as we move on to whatever awaits us. 55...Qf3+ expected.  Detailed analysis is at http://WWW.GMCHESS.SPB.RU/ENGLISH/KASWORLD/SICI106.html

  • Comment After 58... Qxe4?? 59. Qg1+

A large number of world chess team members have refused to follow the elementary blockade with 58...Qf5! (world chess champion Khalifman and six world top 10 players and worked out extensively in print for more than one week.) A tragic bad day, indeed! At the suggestion of E.Bacrot, grandmaster, the team blundered horribly and will now LOSE BY PUBLISHED ANALYSIS ALREADY ONE WEEK OLD. It is not known how Bacrot refused the suggestion of Irene Krush, world chess champion Khalifman and dozens of other analysts and led the team to pick a forced loss..Kasparov simply walks his king out of the way of his pawn and queens it before the incredulous view of players all over the world who saw quite easily that this could not be allowed. Now 58...Qe4?? ( An unbelievable 49 per cent of the vote versus 44 percent for the game saving 58...Qf5!) loses to 59. Qg1+ Kb2 60. Qf2+ and both f4 and h4 are covered totally allowing the world's highest rated player Kasparov (now in seventh heaven as he has been given a monster present by world team players who full well knew that this line existed already!) to exit with his king to f6 and queen his pawn..the Black pawn interfering tragically with counterplay.   Grandmaster Chess School published all this, found Qe4?? losing one week ago.Angry and hateful letters between chess players all over the world are covering MSN game zone bulletin boards.  Jude Acers/ChessLab warned long ago of the absolute necessity of one endgame unity in voting. Overlooked, it will now cost the game...

October 18, 1999.  Kasparov vs. World match wraps up with a horrible fiasco with Microsoft losing a move suggestion by I. Krush  (?). Reuters, Yahoo,world wide media now hot on the story, fraud charged.  Jude Acers/ChessLab believes that Kasparov's victory was richly earned -- he hung in there grimly, kept the game alive period. The World's move 58...Qe4?? suggested by E. Bacrot was listed as losing in all variations given on October 10-th by FIDE champion Khalifman and Grandmaster Chess School.   It appeared full one week before the World was led astray by French grandmaster and national champion E. Bacrot.  Bacrot's suggestion lost outright -- immediately at 2:04 AM EST Friday October 15, 1999.

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