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People who conveniently lose connection after they lose.
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People who conveniently lose connection after they lose.
Posted by lawndoc (VIP) 15 Aug 2021 5:55pm

Gin Is a n honorable game. People that do that should be suspended or chucked from the game. It Is low class.

"Lost connection"
Posted by ChrisCrossed (TD) 16 Aug 2021 4:25pm

Agreed Lawndoc. It is poor sportsmanship and lack of consideration.. and class. All you have to do is hit that button to finish it out and everyone leaves happy. Just leaving and making the winner wait a full 2 min before they can go is just plain rude. Please... when that happens, do a "contact us" form to let GC know the name of the player who left. There have been warnings going out and we are trying to get on top of this poor practice by some players.

Lose connection
Posted by swimwcc (VIP) 23 Mar 2022 4:20pm

Totally agree. It’s happened to me a number of times.

Posted by Roney2022 18 Apr 2022 8:53am

I just had a game with (edited). When I won the second hand big time, she/he just let the clock run out, and then the game was annulled. Not only did she/he rob me of a possible win, she/he wasted my time while I waited for the clock to run out. Guess what? (edited) was right back on the board looking for another partner! It’s not only unsportsmanlike, it’s also really rude.

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