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hit and run players
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hit and run players
Posted by whuuut1 (VIP) 8 Nov 2016 12:19am

not that i play nosebleed stakes but playing 50 tix games what is the deal with players winning a game and before you can even hit the ok button for them winning they already leave the table. played two players back to back who have done this tonight. just don't get it. if you can't afford to take the swings at the table then don't play the stakes its that simple

Posted by Charmeuse (VIP) 11 Mar 2017 6:47am

What you think might not be true all the time. Take me as an example. I have eye problems and need to stop in between games whenever I start to get terrible headaches from focusing on the screen. Of course, I will get nasty messages from time to time when I refuse to play after a game or two but that's just the way it is.

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