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WTA tourney's, don't think there's a perfect solution, but current format seems to unfair to me
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WTA tourney's, don't think there's a perfect solution, but current format seems to unfair to me
Posted by ImDerc (VIP) 1 Aug 2019 6:12am

For those who don't know what a WTA tourney is, it's where only 3 players enter a tourney & 1 gets a bye & goes straight to the final. if they win that match, they win the tourney & all the adulation and millions of dollars that go with it (I wish, lol).
I have played these tourneys before, but choose not to now, they are just too unfair. There's no perfect solution, but want to suggest an alternative.
In the final, if the player who didn't receive a bye wins, straight up, they win, no one would argue that's unfair, they have beaten both other players & are a deserved winner.
If in the final, the person who received a bye wins, it can be argued that they only won 1 game & shouldn't really be declared the winner yet, as their opponent also won 1 game in the tourney.
My suggestion is that if the bye player wins, a 2nd game is played & whoever is victorious in that game wins the tourney. That way the winner must win 2 games to win the $$.
It's not exactly fair, as the person who lost the 1st round game doesn't get a 2nd chance, but I think it's a little fairer than the current format.
As I said, I used to play WTA tourneys & have won with a bye, lost with a bye, lost with a 1st round victory & won with a 1st round victory. The only time I have felt like a deserved winner is when I have beaten both opponents. Winning after receiving a bye in the 1st round is a hollow victory in my opinion & I don't pop the champagne for such meaningless victories.
This is just a suggestion & would love to hear other tourney players' opinions or suggestions for a fairer way.
I want to play in WTA tourneys, but under the current format I don't & I apologise to any other players who are offended or get pissed off with me for the stance I have chosen.

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