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My retirement
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My retirement
Posted by Adrian_Graveney (VIP) 12 Mar 2018 4:58am

At least for now, I have decided that this will be the last month that I will compete against all you wonderful players. Time for me to find new challenges! But first, I want to thank GameColony for providing such an incredible medium for health regeneration...I SO WISH YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT A WONDERFUL PRODUCT YOU HAVE! now onto you players... are simply amazing
Ralu....hated stomping on you, miss you
Valda... ditto
Susan... come back, get rid of the bullying
Ryreya.. absolutely a challenge
Conway...singularly impressed with the speed you embraced the 1 canasta game
Stage... you are beautiful
magic... be the adventurous person you are
silver...I do not know why I left you to last, other than the fact that of all have made the most improvement in your
cookie.....sorry silver you weren't the last. Every game has been a challenge
kiwi...has have been yours
jelly....challenge you to win this month

is there life after canasta
Posted by jellybutton (VIP) 15 Apr 2018 3:35am

I don't know I stumbled across this post.!!! Please don't go...who will I be guaranteed to lose against in the future!

Posted by brisbaneboy 12 Nov 2018 7:51pm

peace out

you will be missed
Posted by toni_9121 (VIP) 2 Dec 2018 7:28am

You are always fun and challenging to play against. I know I will miss you. I hope you do not go. But I wish you well in all you do.


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