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Tournaments Coming
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Tournaments Coming
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 3 Nov 2017 5:31pm

Just to make players aware, Spicii has agreed to start hosting a few canasta tournaments if players are interested and there is support. She will be trying a set time each day that she can and presently that time is planned for 7pm. If there is a preferred time for other players please not the time here so Spicii or any other TD can see about hosting. Tournaments will be 2-3 tix for the time being to allow all players to try. Hope people pass the word and support these efforts. Even one tournament a day is a start and better than zero. Gl to all.

Posted by Adrian_Graveney (VIP) 7 Nov 2017 11:26am

I share your passion for both the game and the game within a game, the ladder. I have won the ladder 3 times since July 2016, and have only once entered a tournament, last months because it was my last chance to get to #1. The sole possible route for #2.
Tournaments are very appropriate for those quick games that attract a lot more players than does the incredible skilled game of Canasta. Which is why the tournaments should be more along the lines of Wimbledon. Bi-weekly with the first 12 days spent qualifying and a tournament for the top 32 beginning at noon the last Saturday and running through to noon Monday. The top 32 players qualify for that and blue. Players are seeded by there position on the ladder at the start of the tournament. 1 vs 32, 2 vs 31 etc. #1 for 1st round, $2 for 2nd etc through 5 rounds. Blues pay, Blacks do not.

Posted by robinmars 3 Jan 2018 4:40pm

its ok but a start time of 7pm means midnight in uk and I am in bed fencefoot

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Play canasta tournaments online

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