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Play canasta tournaments online
It's now:   Nov 18, 5:56pm EST

Posted by JiggyBolls (VIP) 24 Dec 2015 8:23am

A very happy holidsy period to you all and i wish you all the very best and greatest for 2016.
Pauline - i have lost your email address. email me.

Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) 16 Jan 2016 5:36pm

Don't check canasta very often these days! Not sure if the email have is your current one - just tried one, so here's hoping!

Good to see you both .
Posted by LAKE658 (VIP) 8 Jul 2017 7:11am

I'm Better now so maybe we can start playing canasta again. If we set a certain time maybe some will come back. I know that DEDE would try again. So glad to see you both. Monday nights at 8 would be good for me

Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) 18 Jul 2017 8:22am

Great to hear that you are doing better! Spicii tried 3 tourneys yesterday - 5,6 and 7pm. She got 2 of us at 5 and 6 pm, not sure about 7pm. I'll try to remember to look in the main hall next Monday at 8pm.

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Play canasta tournaments online

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