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Just Roll
Posted by BoggledMind (VIP) 26 Jun 2022 10:28am

Very annoying when people in a tournament abuse the time restraints of 20 secs.

I have found more and more are waiting on that perfect doubles roll using up their timer in hopes of getting them. Hence holding up the game.

It doesn’t take “Rocket Science” to roll dice!
I can understand if you need a couple of extra seconds to decide on the proper move.

Come on people “JUST ROLL”

waiting on better rolls
Posted by chiIIpiII (VIP) 30 Jun 2022 7:52am

yes, I believe they should remove that extratime after the 20 secs passed and computer should make the move on its own as it is on other sites... It is very annoying and I think players who do that in a tourney should be declared losers and outed from the tourney!

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