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Player ratings
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Player ratings
Posted by nich4 25 Apr 2018 4:13pm

Having now played on this site for a couple of months, I am afraid that I am finding the player rating system problematic. Manipulation of the ratings has been mentioned elsewhere (and I note that the adjudicators have reduced some players' scores with this in mind) but perhaps the issue is more general. Too many times, I notice that players with 'high' ratings refuse games with players on lower (sometimes not much lower) ratings. This has the effect of forcing mid and lower ranked players to 'bunch'. If the mid ranks lose, their rating will fall disproportionately, and it will be even less likely that the higher ranked will accept a game. I find this irksome,since- by observation- some of these higher rated players really are not as good as they think they are.
A solution is difficult, but I wonder if perhaps the ratings could be limited to a fixed number of the most recent games- say, a player's last 10 games only? Or thirty games? All players would then be more liable to a lower rank (after a losing streak) or able to attain a good score after a winning run.

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 5 May 2018 1:36am

Nich4, a lot of players like yourself get caught up in the "ratings" game and as you have discovered it is not a very accurate measure of success. If you really want to compete, then compare yourself to LADDER positions and if possible become a tix player. Both top 10 ladder positions and tix players can exchange things into actual cash. Would you rather have 1,000,000 rating points or even $10 in cash? You get my point. Start playing lower ranked players and have fun. The rating points really mean nothing and start comparing and competing yourself on ladder position instead. If you can make it into the top 10, then you'll make some $$. Check out all those super high rated players. I guarantee you two things. They are not in the Top 10 for ladder and they are not tix players that actually play for tix. You can check out how many tix games they have actually played. Click on their name in the lobby and you will see their ladder position and how many games and tourneys and tix games they have played. Concern yourself with those and not how many games they have won against their relatives. Once you realize that even if your rating was 10,000 it still would not mean anything, you'll have more fun playing on this site.

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 8 May 2018 7:10pm

I am in total agreement with what Jethro's post said. Forget about ratings, they are pretty meaningless. Put a 10-spot ($$$) into the hopper by buying some tickets, which will turn you into a VIP (Very Important Player). Learn to play the ladder and especially the multi-player tournaments the directors offer and you will find another whole experience of fun and enjoyment here in Backgammon. My ratings go all over the board because I play anyone who wants to NJOY a game with me. Make the leap on faith and join those who understand what it takes to show-off your skills at BG here at GC!

player ratings
Posted by xeasygoin 13 Jun 2018 5:50pm

The bottom line is that you will never force everybody to conform. It doesnt matter how many times the toys are thrown or the dummy is spat and high rated players points are reduced, people will only ever do theyre own thing.

Jethro is right
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 28 Jul 2018 12:23pm

High ratings mean only one thing, those players only play other players with higher or very close to their ratings only so their ratings go up. Many years ago, I played a no tix name (in black) and had a 2700 rating and I did that only playing players higher than me until there were none. A loss didn't hurt until later and wins gained much more in rating points. I changed that name to a tix player and my rating dropped quickly as those are the better players and every loss dropped a lot of points. You will also notice that many "higher" rated players win a similar amount to what they lose. That again means they are not strong players and only play those with high ratings. The strongest players in here are tix players and they are blue colored. They can beat any "high" rated players in longer matches and are much better players. Ratings do not tell your strength or knowledge unless you are "blue" and win against the money players. And, even then, in one point tournaments, there is more luck than skill so anyone can win. Join the 3pts CR and higher points tournaments and then see how it goes. Over time, the top players will do much better. Try it, and as ApproachwithCaution says, ladder battles are far more fun, entertaining and challenging.

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