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android app unlimited chat
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android app unlimited chat
Posted by ratingdesperado (VIP) 1 Feb 2018 5:57am

as per the advertising, buy tickets no adds unlimited chat iirc.
if i play on a browser eg chrome, i can just type away at any time.
however, if i play on the android app, typing away doesn't work. i have to select the dialogue box which opens the chat window, select the dialogue box again and type. then i have to close that window / go back to the game board window.
its a drag guys, can the boffin dept sort it out please.
i prefer the layout of the android app

Posted by remy (VIP) 1 Feb 2018 2:08pm

This happens while you are in a game and trying to talk to your opponent? The iphone app is the same. When I try to chat with my opponent it takes me to a separate screen... so I have to make my reply quick to get back to the game before it yells at me to "Please Move!" lol . I understand what you are saying. That just seems to be how both apps work I guess, I think its a limitation of the layout. The chat is on the side when I am in the app and it would be a very small box to type in, but I would also prefer to not have to switch screens. Maybe if it could be on the bottom it would be possible.

Posted by ratingdesperado (VIP) 2 Feb 2018 11:27am

yes snap. quickfire dexterity required. i dont think it would be that difficult a thing to fix for either app to just type directly for in game chat with the opponent.
it seems the apple app needs development to catch up with the functionality of the google version in terms of being able to select other people to send to outside of the set table.

i may have to give the desktop blue app another go. i found a layout selector last time i was on, selected modern layout and it got close to the appearance of the app but i found it lacking in the main hall, tourney room player display which is almost full screen in the app

upcoming improvements for our iOS backgammon Live
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 2 Feb 2018 11:52am

We will introduce this requested improvement and a few other improvements in the next release of our iOS Backgammon Live

As far as web browser-based app is concerned, you can select in the game lobby a 'settings' icon (looks like a gear) and try out multiple settings for theme and layout. We recommend using Google Chrome web browser.

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