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Of Christmas Past
Posted by Joker (TD) 25 Dec 2009 10:18pm

I remember;
The Christmas when I got my first big kids bike. Probably the bestest present ever. Lasted for years. But it was that year that I happened to see it a day or 2 before Christmas was here. I found out who Santa was.
I remember;
Christmas in Vietnam. Was supposed to be home for Christmas but got held over for 30 days more.
I remember;
My 1st childs 1st Christmas. The 3 of us, JOKER - MOM- and Star. Not much under the tree for we both worked and I was going to college.
I Remember:
Calling the inlaws 200 miles away wishing them a Merry Christmas, then jumping in the car to go there. Along the way a broken down car in a snow storm with a family of 4. We squeezed them in with us and dropped them off at their destination before arriving at my inlaws. Still get a card 25 + years later.
I remember;
I really do remember them all but this one now almost past is the one I remember most. My wife, children and grand children opening the presents around the tree. The sparkle of their eyes and the smile on their lips said it all. And for me I really understand, Santa did not leave with the discovery of the bike. He's been here all along inside a little part of me.
To you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Properous New Year.
Dave o(*^*)o

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