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BG platforms for iOS/OS
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BG platforms for iOS/OS
Posted by remy (VIP) 4 Jan 2018 2:38pm

I have an iPhone and a MacBook that I play on. I have tried all the platforms, I am wondering which iOS platform people like best? They all seem kind of sluggish to me. The java platform on my MacBook doesn't seem to have an undo button, or if there is one I can't find it. So on my laptop I tend to use the blue platform, but its still kind of slow. Any recommendations? And is there anything in the works for a MacBook app?

The app on my iPhone is far better, and is my favorite to use. It is fast and easy. I would love to have something like this on my MacBook.

A bit of feedback though, the only thing I can't seem to do on my iPhone, is figure out how to chat with a TD during a tournament game. I can't access the main chat, and I can't chat to anyone except the person I am playing with. Is there a way around this that I haven't figured out, or will this be fixed in an update? It's the one disadvantage to playing on my phone, but the iPhone app is so much better that I prefer it to playing on my MacBook.


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Posted by webmaster (moderator) 4 Jan 2018 3:03pm

Although Java is an older platform , it dies have an undo - although it is NOT a button in Java backgammon - you just lift a checker you want to move back and move it back.
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