Playing With Older Windows Versions:

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME

Here's information from Microsoft regarding Windows 98 and Windows ME: Tuesday, 13 June 2006
Microsoft representative has announced that Microsoft will not be able to patch Windows 98 and ME against a loophole discovered in April 2006.

Fixing this security issue in ageing software would require a major re-write of the Windows Explorer program used in these very old operating systems.

All Microsoft support for these very old Windows 98 and Windows ME systems ends on 11 July 2006. Because of this, per Microsoft representative, Microsoft is not prepared to fix any existing security loopholes and bugs in Windows .

On Microsoft's security blog, there's the following official note from Microsoft: "We strongly recommend that those of you who are still running these older versions of Windows upgrade to a newer, more secure version, such as Windows XP SP2, as soon as possible."

If you are using Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME...
The last version of this outdated Windows family was Windows ME (or Windows Millenium) -- one of the most 'unfortunate' of Microsoft releases.
Windows ME release was mostly a marketing event -- issuing a 'slightly repackaged' version of Windows 98 -- a very old technology that is largely based on Windows 95.

In post-Windows ME versions of Windows (Windows 2000 and Windows XP), Microsoft has fixed numerous resources-related issues, stability-related issues, memory leaks & specific Microsoft Java issues that plagued the old Windows 95/98/ME platforms.

Due to many structural issues, Windows 95/98/ME systems are not using memory and other resources as efficiently as later versions of Windows. This is especially evident with modern resource-heavy applications.

When you upgrade to Windows 2000 or Windows XP, frequent reboots and many other errors will become a 'thing of the past'.

  • Short of upgrading to newer version of Windows, you can alleviate some 'freezing' problems by turning all of ALL sound via table options. Although you will experience some inconvenience regarding lack of audio move notification, you older system will become more stable.

    To improve your experience with the site, our recommended 'ideal' system is: Windows 2000 or later with DSL or cable connection.
    As GameColony's games are graphically intensive and utilize unique safety-related encryption features, older Windows systems do not provide an optimum software environment.

    The recommended way to reconnect in case of browser errors or connection issues:
  • Do not close your table at all! Instead.. start closing ALL of the other browser windows. The table, then, will close by itself.
  • Now restart browser & proceed to the same room to continue your game.

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