Single Elimination Tournaments

In multi-player single elimination tournaments a single defeat eliminates the player from the tournament.  If the game ends in a draw, the new game is played until one of the players wins. At every round, the winners of the previous round are paired with each other, while the losers are eliminated.

At every round new pairings/results are displayed as a diagram when the 'Update' button is pressed. The top player listed in each pair is responsible for setting up the table for the next round. If your opponent agrees, it is possible to 'double-up' any individual game to also count as a Mini-Tourney' game for the agreed-upon number of Tickets.

Tournament Director (TD) is responsible for organizing & starting the tournament. While the tournament is proceeding, TD is present in the Tournament room at all times. TD is responsible for pairings, for starting each round, for keeping accurate results and, ultimately, for ensuring the fairness of the tournament.

The players can freely sign up for the tournament and withdraw from the tournament (up to 5 min prior to the start of the tournament). Once the player signs up for the tournament, the entry fee gets automatically deducted. Upon withdrawal, the entry fee gets automatically refunded. The players are required to be present in the tournament room within 5 min of the start of the tournament. If the player decides to withdraw while less than 5 min are left until the start of the tournament, only 1/2 of the entry fee gets refunded.

If in single elimination tournament the number of participants does not equal 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64, then some players will get 1st round 'byes'. 1st round 'byes' will result in automatic advancement of these players into the 2nd round without playing. Although those who receive 1st round byes will have some advantage, the assignment of 1st round byes is completely random and does not depend on Tournament Directors or players.

If the tournament is cancelled for any reason, all entry fees are refunded and all participants are notified.

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