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Rock-Paper-Skill (RPS) is an online game of skill based on a well known Rock, Paper, Scissors game

RPS game has many nuances and it's not quite as simple as it appears at first glance. RPS rules,however, are really simple. To start playing, there are only three things you need to know :
Rock wins against Scissors
Paper wins against Rock
Scissors win against Paper

It's All in Your Hands!

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RPS - Rock-Paper-Skill

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As opposed to Rock, Paper, Scissors that kids play, RPS game significantly increases the element of skill in the game with the following:
  • RPS extends the game over many sessions (rounds)
  • RPS assigns different point values (1, 2, 3) to wins achieved by Rock, Paper or Scissors respectively (in the default variation)
There is now a regular world championship in this familiar childhood game. Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is everywhere nowadays, including online variations. This book begins with a tongue-in-cheek history (ancient versions of the game, say the authors, included Japan's Tiger, Warrior and Warrior's Mother; Marco Polo ostensibly popularized Rock, Paper, Blade) and progressing through rules and proper hand positions (carefully illustrated by diagrams) and on to strategies and beyond. This handbook has more information about the game of RPS than anyone would have thought possible. And RPS has its pleasures and uses beyond public championships and private decision-making. Now you can play Rock-Paper-Scissors online and enjoy competing against others any time you feel like it.
With the game extended over many sessions, the more skilled player will recognize and exploit the patterns of behavior of an opponent. The difference in point values awarded for wins by Rock, Paper and Scissors affects the risk/reward ratios that players need to keep in mind when using various patterns. Thus, different point values for Rock, Paper, Scissors further enhance the element of skill (as opposed to chance) in the RPS game, making it predominantly a game of skill.

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