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you can review games from your completed mini-tourneys & tournaments

  • Learn from your own mistakes
  • Analyze your opponents' styles and preference
  • Bring your dominoes playing skill to a new level

  • How to select dominoes games for review

    For your completed Mini-tourneys & Tournaments, you can now review your own dominoes games visually hand-by-hand, move-by-move. You can only review your daily list of dominoes games if you are logged in.
    Review your Dominoes games HERE

    You can select any day and view your games played during that day. By reviewing and analyzing your games, you can see what mistakes were made in the game, you can learn your opponents' styles and preferences and bring your dominoes playing skill to a new level.

    How to use Dominoes Game Viewer

    When you select your dominoes game to review, you will see a display similar to the one below. The picture below came from the real dominoes game played between players 'YACS_BAR' and 'BoneCollectormx'.

    The red arrows show the following:
  • where to see the current hand score and select hands
  • how to play the current hand move-by-move
  • where to see visual and textual move description

  • Dominoes Game Viewer - Example

    The current hilighted move is the 1st move of the 1st hand. It's YACS_BAR's turn -- he puts 66 bone on the table. The textual description under the board also states that "YACS_BAR puts 66 on table".

    If the VCR-like 'Play' button is pressed once in the real Dominoes Viewer (as opposed to the picture below), this move will visually play out with 66 bone sliding from YACS_BAR's hand towards the center of the table.

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