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Play spades tournaments online
It's now:   Feb 26, 5:47am EST

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 17 Jan 2015 10:25pm

I've been watching the challenge area lately and noticed how much more use of this ladder-climbing method is being used. That's a good thing. However, we are completely missing another great tool for rung advancement - tourneys. Not only does it encourage playing for tickets, it also has a built-in ladder advancement and strategy that can't be found in one-on-one matches. We used to have regularly scheduled tournaments in the past. I realize it takes the focus of a TD or two to get the troops trained. But I think it's time. Any thoughts from fellow VIPs?

Posted by GoDiva (TD) 21 Jan 2015 9:30pm

Ok, let's try!

Posted by cradlelazy (VIP) 31 Jan 2016 12:43pm

i would love to play in tourneys but unfortunately, i dont see many oppurtunities to do so. im assuming its because the td's are not aware of that setting a 300 point game is more likely to attract players rather than a very short 200 point game that could easily be won in 2 hands. lol IJS

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Play spades tournaments online

At you can play games of skill only -- play for free or play for $prizes!. According to the statutes of most states in the United States, gambling is defined as: "risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance". (Also see No Gambling!).   The skill (as opposed to chance) is predominant in games of skill. Playing games of skill for $prizes, therefore, has nothing to do with gambling as it is not a contest of chance -- the more skillful player will win far more often. The chance element of a 'gamble' is either insignificant or missing. When players compete in tournaments or games of skill for $prizes -- it is "competitive entertainment" rather then "gambling". The more skilled winner will always win more matches, tournaments and $prizes.
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