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Speed of Multiplayer Mahjong and when default moves are made for you
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Speed of Multiplayer Mahjong and when default moves are made for you
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 2 Jan 2018 4:33pm

To keep a pace of an online Mahjong game as fast as land-based Mahjong players are accustomed to:
- default time-per-move is currently 7 sec but shorter times (3 sec and 5 sec) and longer per-move time settings are available
-if an online player gets disconnected for longer than agreed-upon time per move, the standard move or moves will be made for that player automatically - each such move will involve a pick from the wall and a discard of the same tile. The same standard move will be made for a non-disconnected player who does not make a timely move.

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