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Michael Sall Book
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Michael Sall Book
Posted by MisterPink (VIP) 17 May 2023 6:18pm

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of his book — Gin Rummy: A Predator's Gude?

Posted by MisterPink (VIP) 19 May 2023 9:57am

I'll pay $300 for a copy

Good Luck
Posted by Capt_Merrill_Stubing (VIP) 8 Jul 2023 10:15pm

Been looking for years. Even asked old heads from Pennsylvania he played with. One sold a few years back at auction. Even was in Canada searching their resources to photo copy it if possible. It was printed there.

Posted by gincut123 (VIP) 12 Nov 2023 1:11pm

I played with him in New York a month ago. I can get them. How many do you want?

A Predator’s Guide M. Sall
Posted by MSall (VIP) 21 Nov 2023 11:58am

Send him an email. Mike had a thousand reprinted. He still charges $200 per copy.

Every Saint has a past as every sinner has a future. Always monitor the Saint’s behavior and leave it to a Higher Authority to decide when the sinner has found redemption. M. Sall (1998)

Library of Congress
Posted by MSall (VIP) 6 Jun 2024 10:48pm

Tony Clifton go with the intra library lending and request the book from your local library. It will take a week or so but you’ll get a copy sent to your library. Enjoy.

The LOC has every edition ever published in The US of A. Plus, all request are nominal if not less.

Posted by B500B (VIP) 1 Jul 2024 6:24pm

MSall, where would I find the email address?

the book
Posted by alexislh (VIP) 7 Jul 2024 6:06pm

im interested too in buying this book
i sent him an email and he responded but after that no answer i am ready to put in the 200 dollars but i cant find a seller ps im from europe

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