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Obscene ads
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Obscene ads
Posted by Locatino 6 Mar 2023 10:31pm

I fully accept the need to support the app with ads for those not buying tickets, but the ads I am seeing now are for pornographic apps and services and I think there needs to be a limit to what users should expect to be exposed to. I will come back again in a little while, but if I am assaulted by porn, I will simply not return again.

I have always appreciated this great service and app and community.


All ads come from ... Google - read on
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 11 Mar 2023 2:40pm

All ads come from Google and can be closed after a few seconds but some ads may have x placed in an opposite corner or on a similar background.

Google tends to target ads according to known user history on that computer.

You can select 'info' on any ad and send the complaint to Google about that ad.

You can also get rid of all ads with a single $2.99 purchase of 2 Tickets. There will be no ads as long as you have at least 1/2 a Ticket in your account.

With Tickets in your account, you will have no ads and ... you don't have to play for Tickets. Although, playing for Tickets will give you tournament play, Ladder and other benefits

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