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Be sports
Posted by cheer34 (VIP) 29 Dec 2022 3:46pm

Why some players when you win they just left the table u have to wait 2 mins to take your win. Dont create table if you just leave behind your opponent w/o press the ok botton to accept your loss .

Posted by MissChiVUs1 (VIP) 21 Apr 2023 9:04pm

Hi. I agree that it is very unsportsmanlike to do that. It has happened to me many times. I try to remember which players did this so I can avoid playing them in the future. What is worse, in my opinion, is something that happened to me recently. I played a player and they won. Then, we started another game, and I was winning that game. Somehow, they were able to quit the game, and I did not get any points. I found that very annoying and always avoid that player.

Posted by tombo713 (VIP) 23 Apr 2023 6:01pm

I agree and today I saw something even worse. See my cheating post.

Posted by tombo713 (VIP) 23 Apr 2023 6:03pm

Same happened to me Miss!

Call them out
Posted by tombo713 (VIP) 23 Apr 2023 6:04pm

Miss, when they do that report them and call them out here. Was it that same guy in my cheating post?

not the same player...
Posted by MissChiVUs1 (VIP) 27 Apr 2023 2:20am

No it was not them. Very uncool move, though.

Posted by cashmeer (VIP) 26 Jun 2023 5:43pm

Twice today I was ahead and they just left the table and room

I wish they would fix this...
Posted by MissChiVUs1 (VIP) 4 Jul 2023 7:10pm

It is really a drag how often I am beating someone and they resign, and I get 0 points. I wish they would change this so the person in the lead would actually get points.

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