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For novices - How to play Gin Rummy with a friend
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For novices - How to play Gin Rummy with a friend
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 1 Apr 2020 4:15pm

1.Both you and your friend need to create your own usernames - either at our main website or after installing our Gin Rummy apps for iOS and Android devices

2. Both you and your friend need to know each other’s user names (NOT passwords!) and arrange the time that you will both be in Gin Rummy game room ready to play.

3. Once you both are in the gameroom, one of you will create a private game table with an ‘invitation-only’ option.

Use Menu -> Create Table.
In the Create table screen, select a non-default 'Invite-only' option.

After creating a table, select Invite button and you'll be able to invite your friend who is within the game room at the time by using your friend’s username

4. Your friend will be able to see and accept your Invitation upon selection of 'Invites' next to the Menu on top

Thank you for this good advice!
Posted by DhJinebra 18 May 2020 1:01am

I wish I had found this a while ago! You might want to add that you must make it a non-rated game, i.e. Uncheck “rated game” when creating the room or you will not be able to do it without tickets.

free and unrtated games
Posted by webmistress (moderator) 18 May 2020 8:21am

You don't have to make your games unrated to play for free. When you create a table, do NOT check the box 'agree to terms and condtions' and you will be able to have free and rated game.

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