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New Ladder and Tournaments with Extra Tickets for winners - starting Feb 1, 2020 - in the world's most popular card-like game
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It's now:   Jun 6, 5:07pm EST

New Ladder and Tournaments with Extra Tickets for winners - starting Feb 1, 2020 - in the world's most popular card-like game
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 26 Jan 2020 10:35am

Our multiplayer mahjong or "Red Mahjong" is now fully open for the web and mobile apps (iPhone/ipad/Android) phones and tablets.

Starting Feb 1, 2020, we are opening Multiplayer Mahjong for Ladder and Tournaments.
Monthly Ladder payout - as in our gin & cribbage.
We will also be adding extra 10 Tickets to all Mahjong Tournament winners in February and March 2020!

In all multiplayer mahjong variations, you pick-and-discard tiles (like cards in gin) and you make valuable hand combinations as in cribbage, gin and poker.

In the Main Lobby of Red Mahjong, you can play with real players as well as with the training bots supporting Hong Kong, Japanese Riichi and (the simplest) Red Mahjong variations of multiplayer mahjong.

All training bots are easily identifiable, and their description contain the exact algorithm of their play.

Red Mahjong promotion video
Video Tutorial for Red Mahjong Variation
Hong Kong Mahjong Rules>
Riichi Mahjong Rules>

Hong Kong and Riichi variations are for 4 players while Red Mahjong is for 2 or 4 players.
In the Main Hall, for 4-player variations you can elect to play either of the following:
(1) All real players
(2) 3 real players and 1 training bot
(3) 2 real players and 2 training bots
(4) 1 real player and 3 training bots

For a 2-player variation of Red Mahjong, in the Main Hall, you can elect to play with the single real player or with a training bot.

in multiplayer mahjong the timer is absolute: if a player did not make a timely move (and the default move is as low as 7 seconds per move!), the default pick-and-discard move will be made by the game itself!!
Which also means that if one player has disconnected, during the disconnection the game is still proceeding with default pick-and-discard moves made for a disconnected player!

The main reason for the above default behavior:
(*) mahjong is traditionally expected to be played fast

A few of the interesting features of the game:
(a) you can switch from 2D to 3D table view and back
(b) you can zoom and un-zoom the view

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Play gin-rummy tournaments online

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