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GameColony is finalizing its upgrades and the move to an up-to-date dedicated data center
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It's now:   Jul 19, 8:00am EST

GameColony is finalizing its upgrades and the move to an up-to-date dedicated data center
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 12 Jul 2018 1:06pm

Over the last week, GameColony was performing equipment upgrades and a simultaneous(!) move to a modern dedicated data center - an up-to-date facility with streamlined connectivity.

We are planning to finalize the move within 1-2 days.
We apologize for several move-related disruptions in this past week.

The original battle plan for the move was designed to avoid any disruptions whatsoever.

We should have been more mindful of the old wisdom that "Even the best battle plans do not survive the 1st encounter with the enemy'.

GameColony has finished the move & the site is now stable.
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 14 Jul 2018 8:28pm

2 hours ago we have finished moving remaining hardware equipment to a new up-to-date facility and all our game servers are now up and connected and working together.
We are no longer working on the physical site and no longer engage in (at times) accidental pulling of the power plugs for the equipment which is now neatly installed in a relatively tight space.

We apologize to TDs & players for our blunders & will send a formal incident-related emails soon.

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