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Great news regarding cancelled tournaments
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Great news regarding cancelled tournaments
Posted by Pearle (moderator) 8 Aug 2018 11:38am

How many times have we sat in a tournament room waiting for more players to join only to find that the tourney is going to be cancelled? This is very frustrating as a player and as a TD. But we have some great news to share from the Webs.

From now on if you sign up for a tournament that ends up cancelling, for your time and willingness to join, you will now get awarded 1 ladder point. This is only for tournaments that get cancelled, whether only 1 or 2 people sign up or if it is voted down as a winner take all tournament. And this is on a trial basis.

The TDs will have to do a contact us telling the webs who the players are who get awarded the ladder point, so the point may not immediately show on your stats, as all contact us are not answered at the time of submission. That is the same for the early bird award. The webs answer and update the points/tix when they are available, so it could take minutes, or it could take hours, so please be patient.

Posted by sam85 (VIP) 18 Jan 2019 9:42am

nice rule hope it works good sry not been around i try to play great team friends here
got a new job took time i gm of radio now

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