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Ladder Tournaments
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Ladder Tournaments
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 2 Aug 2018 7:59am

In my opinion, there is no "focus" and tournaments are random here and there. One day there are some here and another day some there other time. That approach ends up with many no goes, or 3 player "events" and occasionally 4 players tournaments. Very little urgency to attend.

On another post I suggested a 100 pt DE at 10pm for 3 or 4 tix which is great for ladder activity but would have to be consistently there. This would be a "Focus" tournament and then some 3 pointers before and after and then we know when logging on there is a DE at 10pm .
The potential for ladder activity is increased and with more interest there would be greater participation and benefit TDs and reduce much wasted TD time. Having many random tournaments waste TD time and the few players that register so why bother in the future.

We tried THE DE at 10pm the first time and had 6 players and then it was abandoned for the random regular tourney. No following was developed and we are back to square one with nothing attractive to ensure greater ladder activity. It doesn't have to be 10pm, maybe 9pm would work but don't give up after a few tries. Do it every weekday for sure and maybe weekends, up to the TDs time. Having 10 random tries for many no goes and some 3 player participation have proven to get nowhere. 3-4 focus events, such as done in BG have proven successful and something to look forward to. The DE is the "focus" point.

Thanks for your time.

Great Idea Magic
Posted by Pearle 2 Aug 2018 10:23am

Unfortunately, some of us can only host at "random" and do not have the schedule to set a certain time and be there consistently. I host in Dominoes WHENEVER I have FREE time.

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 3 Aug 2018 11:42pm

Magic you sure do a lot of whining on this site. The TD's as I understand it are basically volunteers, yet you expect them to sit for hours trying to get a tournament going with no players. This coming from a player who refuses to play WTA. Please stop it with your criticism of the TD's who do an amazing job on this site. While I am sure you would be a much better TD why don't you sign up to be a TD and sit for hours and hours with no participation? Since you "KNOW" what will work, then I suggest you volunteer your time and effort and make it happen. Quit trying to tell other people what to do. I'm tired if seeing it.

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Play dominoes tournaments online

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