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Invitation (for extra Tickets!) to test our Beta version of Multiplayer Mahjong
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It's now:   Jun 6, 4:16pm EST

Invitation (for extra $Tickets!) to test our Beta version of Multiplayer Mahjong
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 30 Dec 2017 3:38pm

GC has launched a beta version of real Multiplayer Mahjong.

There's a 4-player and a 2-player Mahjong.
Current Mahjong styles are: Hong Kong Mahjong, Riichi, Red Mahjong. American Mah-Jongg and Chinese Official (MCR) version will be added Spring 2018.

Unless human opponents are available and willing to join a Mahjong game table, extra opponents may involve ( upon human player' agreement) our Mahjong auto-players (bots).

Mahjong auto-players will never know anything about the shuffle or tiles in other players' hands. They only see what players are allowed to see by rules.

Auto-players follow a set of well-defined and published rules (algorithm) of tile selections and discards. Unless a game is a non-Ticket game, auto-players will not be allowed to win.

Our Beta version is currently available for desktop but we already have promising Alpha versions for iPhone & Android.

If you are willing to learn mahjong and become a beta tester:

Please select "Mahjong Beta" from the drop-down game menu and play a few games in Main Hall.
There's "Rules" page on the game entry page.

Please let us know your impressions within this Forum thread, and we'll add Tickets to your account.

For this beta version, please use either Google Chrome (recommended) or Edge web browsers.


Majong beta
Posted by goodfellafred420 1 Jan 2018 5:56am

Hey never olayed majong before but i was surprised how similiar to rummy it is. The tiles were kinds hard to see but other then getting more players it was alright i suppose

I have played this game regularly and like it
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 15 May 2018 8:07pm

I learned playing mahjong on here so trying your beta version was nice. I find it challenging but can't see any other differences than before. Might be that I only notice trying to match tiles so other details passed me. It is fun and a challenge. What I notice is a problem is the shuffling option. All too frequently the one pair stays under each other so you continue to shuffle trying to get tiles available to be paired. IS this a program item? Even when I leave 6-10 tiles to allow for more diversification and options it still might use up all 5 shuffles with no gain until the game is done. Very much a good thinking game. Thank you.

Mixed the two sorry
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 16 May 2018 12:18pm

I originally thought I played the beta version but was incorret and had still been using the solitaire version. Tried the correct beta and cold not pick up any tiles ( like you do in gin) while the bot picked up some of my discards. Cold not find instructions exactly how the process works and lost each hand. Please advise as this looks like fun.

Posted by higgins1984 15 Nov 2019 9:26am

I absolutely love the mahjong

who want it
Posted by LilMell 20 Nov 2019 1:48am

don't be scread

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