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why are people different on line than face to face in person?
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why are people different on line than face to face in person?
Posted by ImDerc (VIP) 9 Aug 2019 9:43pm

On line people seldomly say hi, whether it be in reply to their opponent or off their own bat. I don't really get that.
If u were face to face, u would either say hi 1st, or reply to someone who did, that is common human courtesy. So why is it different on line?
You don't need to chat with the person during the game, there are many reasons for u not doing that, but I think it's pretty rude not to acknowledge u are about to play someone on line, as it would be if u were face to face.
Video once killed the radio star, now computers have killed common human courtesy.

Posted by GoDiva (moderator) 9 Aug 2019 10:41pm

This is one thing I find really troubling too.In defence of some people, there are certain phones that can be used for play but are difficult to chat on while playing. However that is a small percentage and they could still say hi to the room.And it is not just when playing. There are times that I might have 3 or 4 people in the tourney room and not one has responded to my 'hello'. And many leave the room without a word, some do that even when they have won!! Here's hoping that some recognise themselves here and make an effort!

Posted by CrioStoir (VIP) 26 Aug 2019 3:59pm

It's hard when a room full of tourney players does not respond at all. Sometimes just a simple acknowledgement that someone exists goes a long long way. I play on my phone often and try to go the extra effort to at the least say hi! Ty for posting ImDerc and GoDiva

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 18 Sep 2019 8:37pm

It is the same reason that people feel that they can do or say or not say anything online because they feel like they are anonymous. I agree with you Derc. Nobody acts that way in person, only when they cannot be seen. Driving a car or playing online is the worst behavior you will ever run into. My suggestion is to try and be nice and polite to everyone regardless if you are online or in a car. This attitude that you can get away with being rude or disrespectful or even violent because nobody knows you is the reason we have many of the violence and situations we do today. I suggest being part of the solution, not the problem. Contribute a smile, a laugh or an acknowledgement like good game or good luck. If you cannot at least do that, then that is so very sad.

I'm Guilty
Posted by cribbage_jones 26 Sep 2019 8:56pm

I get crazy when I lose. Very ornery. I am not like that in person. Later I feel bad that I acted that way.

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