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NEVER GIVE UP: the most feakish victory of my life & I'm pretty sure it the most freakish possible
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NEVER GIVE UP: the most feakish victory of my life & I'm pretty sure it the most freakish possible
Posted by ImDerc (VIP) 30 Jul 2019 11:06am

Not going to mention the players name, but I reminded him of it today, he'd blanked it from his mind & couldn't remember it. I've just returned to this site as ImDerc, but pretty sure this was prior to me reversing my name & I was called credmi back then, it was 5-10yrs ago.
It was my crib for the last hand, I was being flogged 99-118 & since he had the 1st hand count it wasnt looking possible that I would win, I had to peg out or my chances were almost impossible.
The cards played as follows:
He played an 10 value card, total 10
I played the same 10 value card for a pair & 2pts, total 20 (score 101-118)
He played a 7, total 27
I played an ace, total 28
He paired my ace for 2pts, total 29 (score 101-120)
I tripped the aces for 6pts, total 30 (score 107-120)
The final card I had was an ace, since the hand remained active, he knew I had an ace & what that meant & so did I. I acted like a smart arse & teased him for 5-10 secs, he left the table & game colony annulled the game thinking it was too close for it to work out who would've won. This game was for cash, so I complained. Game colony stood by their guns & didn't pay me out. I stuck by mine too & complained again, pointing out that my final ace was worth 14pts, 12pts for quads & 2pts for 31, meaning I'd pegged 22 to his 2 & won 121-120. Game colony realised I was right & paid me out.
The most freakish victory, don't think it can be beat, I'll definitely never forget it.

Ps: most people will think I am making this up, but it really did happen, if game colony still has records from back then, they will be able to prove that it did because as I said I had to complain twice to get my money paid out. Not 100% sure I was still credmi back then as I changed to ImDerc (& moved to France, lol) during this stage of my playing history on this site.

Wow, what a victory
Posted by teog (VIP) 30 Jul 2019 1:07pm

OMG, your poor opponent, What a heart break!!!

Re: freakish win
Posted by ImDerc (VIP) 31 Jul 2019 1:41pm

I didn't feel too sorry for him, he's a much better player than I am. I may have won this little battle, but he has definitely won the war.

Me to. Only better!
Posted by LonglacOntario (VIP) 14 Dec 2019 10:49pm

I did the same thing but the last four cards were 5’s for me to win by one. I don’t have the play by play, but you can figure I pegged about 16 with last card.

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 16 Dec 2019 2:49pm

For sure the 31 for 14 is a rare occurrence. One of the things that an experienced player will do will get rid of their single ace very soon by leading it, or playing it second. That way you would have only scored two for the pair and they still win the game. Great job on pegging though. That is one that you will remember forever!

Posted by ImDerc (VIP) 23 Dec 2019 7:36pm

Cheerio: How did u get 16 off the last card with 5's? maximum with 5's is same as me, scoring 31 for 14. It's possible, but unlikely, to score 15pts (1 less than you say u scored) from a last card with a ace or 2 & getting 12pts for quads, 2pts for 15 & a point for a go, but impossible with any other cards, definitely not a 5.
Jethro: Totally agree, he should've, but didnt & he's very experienced, if u read this thread closely, you may even guess who it was, lol. Only reason/excuse is he thought the game was in the bag & got a bit flippant playing like that. Which is understandable, i've lost many games the same way & i'm sure you have too.

I suspect
Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 24 Dec 2019 12:29am

That Cheerio was saying that his TOTAL pegging for the hand was 15. Total points could be significant if both players are holding the same cards, like 5, 5, A, A and play them into each other. 5, 5 (2), 5 (8), 5 (12), A, A (2), A (6), A (13). 43 total points are scored in pegging in this scenario. 29 by the dealer and 14 by the pone.

A Little Teaser
Posted by gjamies1 (VIP) 26 Dec 2019 2:06pm

Playing with only 5 cards, 61 holes, your opponent wants 5 and you want 56. Your hand and box, no freakish cards, how do you win?

I have sorted the cards in a game at my local and played the hand and did it on several occasions.

Posted by gjamies1 (VIP) 31 Dec 2019 11:56am

Your opponent is dealt 3,6,7,7,9 you are dealt 6,6,6,3,3. You put the 3,3 in your crib, and by all the averages, your opponent should put in 3,9. The common card is cut and is a 3. Your opponent leads the 7 which you can only play a 6, he pairs it for 2, you play another 6, 25 for 6, he can't go you play your last 6 , 31 for 14. So you have so far scored 6 and 14, 20. Your hand has 12 and in the crib 4x 3's and a 9 24 points. 20=12=24 = 56. Your opponent has scored 2 pegging and a pair in his hand, total 4.

As above, never give up.

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