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Posted by violetrose 15 Jul 2019 5:50pm

now it's been 20 min, but I saw a player with a 2000 rating with a 0-0 win/loss record. Can anyone explain that?

I play crib, and win (occasionally) to earn my ranking. Do not appreciate someone who has not played getting a "free pass" to get a higher rank..

Any thoughts?

Lots of thoughts
Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 19 Jul 2019 1:45am

What difference does that 'higher rank' mean to you? Does it offend you because it makes it appear as though they are a better player? They are not. The rankings mean nothing. Worry about ladder rankings, not points. There are a lot of players who have high rankings because they are easy to manipulate. Who cares? If it makes you that upset, then become a tix player. Ever notice that there are none of those who actually play for tix that EVER have a ranking over 1800? Why do you think that is?

re not
Posted by gooders2 (VIP) 19 Jul 2019 11:07am

well jethro you talk some sense and some codswallop what the lady is saying its not fair that some have high ranks and have lost more than they won the ranking system sucks and it should be changed im a blue like you not a high rank as you say but when you try to play higher ranks they run,you tell me if you were 2220 and she was 1550 would you play her ansere no like all the others and also she might not like to play for tickets, and also all games should be best of 3 or more if agreed,there are to many on this site now who think they are the bees knees ive been playing now for over75 years and i can read the cards backwards so done't say does it offend you because some of those high players dont no how to play the game, its the system and needs to be changed.

re not
Posted by gooders2 (VIP) 19 Jul 2019 11:12am

p.s. jethro a bad player can play with good cards but a good player can play with bad cards,and its still the best card game ever.

I agree
Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 20 Jul 2019 3:00pm

It is indeed the best card game ever. But, if the ranking system disagrees with people so very much, then why are they playing on this site. You might be blue like me gooders, but you rarely if ever play for tix. So really, you are playing for ratings points. Meaningless points. The reason that both of you are upset is players with higher rankings won't play you, so you don't have the chance for your ranking to go up. You see, to both of you those points actually MEAN something. I'm telling you they do not. They are a way to suck you into falsehood. that a higher ranked player is better, but we both know that is not true. So who cares if you 'only' get to play 1200 rated players? It is still cribbage, and maybe someone with your expertise can help a new or beginner player. Maybe they would appreciate that more than looking at you or anyone else who is still hung up on whether a 2200 will play them or not. Everyone on here knows that a 2200 ranking is false. It is fake. It was manipulated to get that high. So is that what you really want? To play someone who basically cheated in order to get that high? I'd rather play an honest 1200 player. How about you?

re not
Posted by gooders2 (VIP) 21 Jul 2019 7:28am

yes i would jethro, and just to let you know i play for tickets every day that i play on here so basicly you may not be on here every day and if have noticed i am in thhe tourney of champs for the last 4 months even though i dont play in it because its to late at night for me so please get you facts right before complaining, and ps prob a lot longer than you, so gl hope to play you soon .

Ranking v Rating
Posted by gjamies1 25 Jul 2019 12:38pm

If you do not play or want to play for tickets, the current rating system is what seems to cause most upset. As others above have said, there are players wit high ratings who will not play against other players with a significantly lower rating. The rating system should really only show your current form level and not whether you are a better player or worse player. However as said, there are players who want to protect their rating and will not play lower rated players. When you play for tickets of course, the rating system doesn't really count for much it the money

Posted by gjamies1 26 Jul 2019 1:28pm

In the tools on the cribbage page is a calculator where you can input your rating against another rating and hit either win or loose and your new rating is shown. Now, a rating of say 2100 playing a rating of say 1340 and the higher rating looses, the drop is from 2100 down to 1979 a drop of 31. Playing another opponent with say a rating of 1991 and the drop in the event of a loss is only 19 points. That is why higher rated players normally only play against higher rated opponents.

Yes you are correct
Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 29 Jul 2019 2:52am

So if I offer you all of my ratings points until the end of times, so you get them and you have them say maybe 1,000,000 ratings points will any of you feel better? So there you sit with 1,000,000 rating points. What does that do for you? Or have you figured it out that it means nothing yet?

If it means nothing......
Posted by gjamies1 (VIP) 29 Jul 2019 11:02am

.....As the saying goes, why keep the score. But, you miss the point, I would guarantee there are more non ticket players than ticket players on here. Therefore all they have to play for is ratings. Can't really play ladder as you can only play one game in 24 hours if you are playing for tickets it's every game. Same reason you can't play for rankings either. Now, if you offer all your tickets, that would do a lot for me Oh and by the way, I do play for tickets.

Ratings Joke
Posted by fubar57 31 Jul 2019 12:55pm

I agree the ratings are a joke. I play all regardless of their ratings however those with higher ratings rarely play me. I did play one with over a 2000 rating while I was at 1450ish last week. What struck me odd was that he had over a 2000 rating while he had only played 9 games and 4 of those were losses

re not
Posted by gooders2 (VIP) 6 Aug 2019 6:44am

well there you go fubar the rateings sucks. proof.

Posted by ImDerc (VIP) 7 Aug 2019 4:45am

best solution: the ratings system means nothing, is easily manipulated, discourages people from playing each other, get rid of it.

re not
Posted by gooders2 (VIP) 12 Aug 2019 7:11am

keep only for ticket players rest back to zero 2 for win 1 for loss end of .

Posted by mrlewis 16 Nov 2019 11:19pm

it is just a game you act like you are getting paid or it's your job, calm down it's only for entertainment

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