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And congratulations go to ......
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And congratulations go to ......
Posted by Pearle (moderator) 8 Sep 2018 10:15pm

WTG JETHROTULLL on taking 1st place and a total of 59 regular tix and the extra 20 tix for a total of 79 tix. Don't spend them all in one place - lol!!!

We had 12 players who joined the TOC which was a few less than I anticipated since we had 90 players qualify. Wondering why the low turnout? Is the first Saturday of the month (which it will be in October) not a good time for all players? Is 50 pm not a good time for all players? Is 10 tix too many? Too little? I sure would love to see the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS having at a minimum of 15+ players joining. Be proud of your accomplishment! Win the title of Champion!!!!

Thoughts and suggestions welcome and once again ... congrats to Jethro!

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 13 Sep 2018 12:55am

Thanks Pearle. Without dedicated hosts and TD's none of this would be possible. Your volunteer work, is amazing and each one of you deserves a pat on the back! Thanks again! Now onto the ACC Grand National....

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Play cribbage tournaments online

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