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Play cribbage tournaments online
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Posted by PRETTY_PATTI_ (TD) 29 Jul 2018 4:02pm

When I started hosting in early May, the crib community was a mystery to me. Not only did I not know how to play crib, I also didn't know who it was that played and what would make them want to play nearly around-the-clock.

Then I learned the game and adored it immediately. So I bravely volunteered to do the late-late night tourneys and apparently didn't screw it up too much Now I host daytime and meet new folks every day. GC's crib community is polite, friendly and downright awesome (just like my fellow TD team told me early on)! So thank you for making this so much darn fun! And also a special thanx to all the Alaskans, Canadians, Down-Underers, Hawaiians, West Coasters, and Across-the-Ponders who are fellow late night owls like myself. I look forward to each tourney we get to share!

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Play cribbage tournaments online

At you can play games of skill only -- play for free or play for $prizes!. According to the statutes of most states in the United States, gambling is defined as: "risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance". (Also see No Gambling!).   The skill (as opposed to chance) is predominant in games of skill. Playing games of skill for $prizes, therefore, has nothing to do with gambling as it is not a contest of chance -- the more skillful player will win far more often. The chance element of a 'gamble' is either insignificant or missing. When players compete in tournaments or games of skill for $prizes -- it is "competitive entertainment" rather then "gambling". The more skilled winner will always win more matches, tournaments and $prizes.
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