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It's just me
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It's just me
Posted by KymB (VIP) 5 Jan 2018 12:58am

I still like the late night cheapies....$3.00 don usued to host them..Happy 2018 to all

NOT DON ....
Posted by Pearle (moderator) 5 Jan 2018 10:27pm

Hi Kym, I think you might be mistaken, Don NEVER did late nights, he always did early mornings starting at 5 or 6 am. I see there are still MANY 3 tix tourneys in the late nights hosted by Star, Giants and DeDe.

Hey ... since you are on the west coast ... how about joining the Tournament Director team and earn a few extra tix for hosting??

Posted by gypsythorn 9 Jan 2018 2:59pm

I think Kim would be a great TD.

Posted by KymB (VIP) 10 Jan 2018 2:50pm

Thanks for the compliment Gypsy! I am getting ready to move to Reno area in 1-3 weeks. I was supposed to move today, but glitch with escrow.

Posted by KymB (VIP) 12 Jan 2018 3:38am

yes Pearle you are correct since I lost my job last May after 29 years....sometimes my nights would become my days and visa i would wait up to play in Don's tourneys! he was such a great TD

Late Nights
Posted by Giants (TD) 15 Jan 2018 11:47am

Kym, I have posted some 2 and 3 tix tourneys when I am hosting late nights. Also threw in some 3 tix play to lose Lowball games! Enjoy!

Where have you been Kym?
Posted by Giants (TD) 24 Jan 2018 11:35pm

Have at least 2-3 cheapies every night I host as you requested Kym, but you don't seem to be around. Hope all is well!

late nights
Posted by KymB (VIP) 25 Jan 2018 6:18am

Thanks for putting up the cheapies... I haven't hooked up my PC yet, so have to share my mom's computer!! But I appreciate your effort.

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