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Invitation (for extra $Tickets!) to test our Beta version of Multiplayer Mahjong
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It's now:   May 19, 9:09am EST

Invitation (for extra $Tickets!) to test our Beta version of 3D Multiplayer Mahjong -beta version
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 30 Dec 2017 3:36pm

GameColony has launched a beta version of real Multiplayer Mahjong.

There's a 4-player and a 2-player Mahjong.
Current Mahjong styles are: Hong Kong Mahjong, Riichi, Red Mahjong. American Mah-Jongg and Chinese Official (MCR) version will be added Spring 2018.

Unless human opponents are available and willing to join a Mahjong game table, extra opponents may involve ( upon human player' agreement) our Mahjong auto-players (bots).

Mahjong auto-players will never know anything about the shuffle or tiles in other players' hands. They only see what players are allowed to see by rules.

Auto-players follow a set of well-defined and published rules (algorithm) of tile selections and discards. Unless a game is a non-Ticket game, auto-players will not be allowed to win.

Our Beta version is currently available for desktop but we already have promising Alpha versions for iPhone & Android.

If you are willing to learn mahjong and become a beta tester:

Please select "Mahjong Beta" from the drop-down game menu and play a few games in Main Hall.
There's "Rules" page on the game entry page.

Please let us know your impressions within this Forum thread, and we'll add Tickets to your account.

For this beta version, please use either Google Chrome (recommended) or Edge web browsers.


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Posted by webmaster (moderator) 31 Dec 2017 10:42am

For beta-testing our 3D multi-player Mahjong:

If you use Windows, you need Windows 7 or later.
If you use MacOS, you need 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.

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