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general inquiry
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general inquiry
Posted by toni_9121 (VIP) 23 Mar 2019 10:44am

does anyone know if game colony is compatible with mac products? ie: ipad pro, of mac book? Im thinking of buying a new laptop of ipad and want to make sure I can play here on game colony before I purchase.

Yes, GameColony is compatible with Macs
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 23 Mar 2019 6:13pm

GameColony has its new suite of non-Java games that are fully compatible with Macs and run on Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox web browsers.
Fully compatible games are:
- Backgammon
- Cribbage
- Gin Rummy
- Multiplayer Mahjong (Red Mahjong, Hong Kong, Riichi) and Mahjong Solitaire
- Rush-21
- Solitaire
- Pyramids
- Lines

Java applet-based games (such as canasta) currently exist with original Internet Explorer (IE) only.
IE can support Java applets but it is a very old interface that we can no longer recommend for the following reasons:
- For several years, IE browser is no longer supported by Microsoft and on Windows 10 it is temporarily provided (in a semi-hidden fashion) for convenience of old apps only
- stability of IE-based java applets with a new JDK from Oracle is highly questionable
- mainly due to licensing issues, all non-IE web browsers no longer support Java applets

We recommend using either Google Chrome ( or Mozilla Firefox ( ) with our new non-Java interface (HTML5 interface)

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Play canasta tournaments online

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