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Some very sad news today .....
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Some very sad news today .....
Posted by Pearle (moderator) 21 Mar 2019 11:30am

As some of you know, our beloved Tournament Director, DeDe, and player, Duddle, was having some heart issues and was hospitalized. I just learned today that DeDe (Darlene) passed away this morning. I know she had many friends (players and fellow TDs) and she will be sorely missed. Hosting was the one thing she could put her heart and soul into and would have done it 24/7 if possible. She always did her job with the players foremost in her mind. She wanted EVERYONE to be a winner and loved all of you deeply. We would like to honor Darlene with IN MEMORY OF tournaments in Gin, Backgammon and Cribbage and all proceeds will be directed to her family in this time of sorrow. Once the tournaments have been set I will update the forum so as many of you players can join us and share some happy memories of Darlene. If anyone would like to make a personal donation, you can do this by sending a contact us asking to donate X amount of tix to the account of DeDe. I am not sure if you all know, but her 99 year old Mum survives her, as does her husband Garry and children and grandchildren, so please keep her family in your prayers.

so sorry
Posted by toni_9121 (VIP) 23 Mar 2019 10:42am

I am sad to hear this. Played with Duddle on another site before coming to Game Colony. She was a lovely soul. I will miss her


Posted by iuuri (VIP) 2 Jun 2019 1:15am

terrible. (

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