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Rude players, you win
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Rude players, you win
Posted by Oiseau 20 Nov 2016 5:57pm

I'm new to this game and try to play with ppl more to my level I can but when get on table, they just sit there or click away. Why are some of you so rude. I'm trying to learn and have fun, make friends and you can't even give a nice word or anything but rude. Congratulations, you want me off from maybe wanting to just play a game with you, fine. I am leaving this site so all who know who you are can try to find a way to justify being mean to people who just want to have fun and learn.

Posted by iuuri (VIP) 22 Nov 2016 10:06pm

A lot of rude players indeed. I guess groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that is present in almost everywhere. For the worst reasons most of the time... But there are exceptions. In my favourite game, 2-2-2, I never deny a game. No matter who the opponent is and what ranking he has. I used to be a regular player and be here everyday 3 or 4 hours (or even more! ). Now I play much less. But still would be glad to play against you anytime!

rude players
Posted by toni9121 1 Jan 2017 9:13pm

I've encountered the same thing from some players. But there are still a lot of very nice people on here, don't give up. I will be happy to play with you any time.

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