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Posted by PRETTY_PATTI_ (VIP) 15 Nov 2016 10:26pm

I have never exchanged any words with you. You always play me when you are available. I don't think I've ever challenged you because of your willingness to always play In fact, we often play several games together on any given day. Tonight, I watched you take a seat at a player's table when they posted "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE PLAY A GAME WITH ME" even though the difference in your ratings was well over 400 points. I admire you and just want to acknowledge you here in the Forum for the truly GRAND SPORTSMAN you are --- martylingo !!!

Posted by Adrian_Graveney (VIP) 17 Nov 2016 11:00am


How encouraging.
Posted by stageinharmony (VIP) 21 Nov 2016 5:40pm

So nice to read such a positive post, and for sportsmanlike play to be recognised by another.

Posted by iuuri (VIP) 22 Nov 2016 10:00pm

Been away from canasta. But i guess things are pretty much the same around here! From the last time i been here, i say. I also join those who recognize Martylingo´s sportsmanship. Just a pitty he rarely plays two canasta games. Otherwise we'd play more frequently. In his game, 2-2-1, he never declines a game. And also acts as a real gentleman. And that's rare here! For that, you deserve my deep respect Martylingo!

very nice
Posted by toni_9121 1 Jan 2017 9:16pm

Yes, it is refreshing to play with a sportsman like person. Thanks to MartyLingo and all the others with the same sportsmanlike ethics.

I Agree
Posted by toni_9121 (VIP) 2 Dec 2018 7:33am

MartyLingo is always willing to play. He is always a great sportsman. Thanks for all the great games Marty !!

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