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Ladder and #1
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Ladder and #1
Posted by Club1 (VIP) 7 Jan 2022 5:05am

Hi AllIn order to stimulate tournaments, the presence of #1 helps.
But the rewards are different for #1 and everyone else – winners receive the prize money, of course, and get the equivalent of 30 points as they are elevated by one position, whereas #1 gets just the prize money.
All #1 achieves is to make his position vulnerable without adequate compensation.
To remedy this, will Management consider awarding #1 15 points for a win, just as they do the TOC?
Then it becomes fairer and much more competitive.
Good luck to everyone and enjoy!!

Ladder and #1
Posted by eternelle (VIP) 8 Jan 2022 10:46am

I agree with you, Clava. I found your post very cute and selfless! Good to know nice people are also playing in here! Congrats on your ladder win!!

Posted by ChrisCrossed (moderator) 9 Jan 2022 8:12pm

HI Clava1 -- your post is appreciated! I just wanted to clarify that for the Tournament of Champions, the winner receives 15 bonus tickets from the Webs.. not 15 ladder points. And thanks so much for taking the time to submit your input and thoughts!

Posted by 221bBakerSt (VIP) 9 Jan 2022 8:51pm

The 'risk' to the #1 on the ladder is addressed in the ladder rules. Because they are required to play a certain number of games and also address challenges, everyone is always targeting the top ladder spot. Just winning a game should not elevate you to 15 ladder points. You get what everyone else gets. 1 ladder point. 2 for a tourney win. The presence or lack of presence of #1 does not stimulate or hinder tournaments. I know because I have played here for 20 years. People do not sign up to play tournaments because #1 on the ladder is present. That would just be a bonus. but not the primary reason for signing up.

Ladder and #1
Posted by GoDiva (TD) 10 Jan 2022 10:15am

This is not as straightforward as it looks. I think that the presence of #1 CAN have an effect, especially in the run up to the month end payouts. There are often instances of players not wishing to risk their place and not taking part in the ladder rush tourneys on the last morning.The addition of 15 points would certainly stir that up!!

Posted by Club1 (VIP) 12 Jan 2022 8:41am

Hi Sherlock
You've missed the clue after twenty years of looking! The idea is that a player receives one rung advancement, and that is the equivalent of 30 points, whereas #1 stays where they are - to make that fair and to give the #1 an incentive to put it on the line, I'm suggesting they should receive 15 points should they win the tourney as a compromise, 30 would be too much/.

Sherlock miss a clue? Never!
Posted by 221bBakerSt (VIP) 23 Jan 2022 9:10pm

Hi Clava, I am man enough to admit that it might 'draw' some excitement having the #1 ladder position on the last day as GoDiva says, but if #1 isn't playing on the last day, they won't be #1 for long. I used to think that sitting atop the ladder ranking was a smart thing to do. Don't play, and nobody can get to #1 right? Dead wrong professor! Since the ladder is dynamic, it changes constantly throughout every given day. As you are aware, even faster if you are involving tournaments. So let's say today is the end of January, and Clava1 is atop the leader board. Is it safe him/her to sit it out? Let the common folk down below battle it out for the left-over table scraps they deserve for wishing they were #1? I mean you're safe if you are #1 and they cannot play you right? Except that is only a fraction of what causes ladder movement. So unless you've accumulated about 100 extra ladder points left over while you sit at #1, the rest of the top 20 are actively playing. (I know that you know this Clava, but I am illustrating it for the rest of the players.) So can I, a dear friend of Dr. Watson overtake Clava and be #1 without ever playing them from the 10th ladder position in one tournament? I mean, not the 2nd or 3rd, we all know how easy that would be, but from the 10th? And only playing two different players and not Clava? Bet all your doubloons on Mrs. Hudson's mystery my dear fellow, she'll explain how. We all know that you move 1/2 of the way closer to the top of the ladder depending on playing the higher ladder person. This means that a ranked 100 player beats a ranked 50 player, that lower-ranked player moves to position 75 on the ladder. The person who was at 75 now moves to 76 and the ladder cascades downward. This also applies to the Top 10, or anywhere on the ladder. So Mrs. Hudson is playing in a tournament in which there are only four (could even be 3 a WTA!) players (or more if you like, but envision 4) She has accumulated 28 ladder points and is very excited to play a proper British game like cribbage, or that tricky Persian game called backgammon, or even that crazy American game called Gin. (Honestly, the only gin Mrs Hudson likes is London Dry) The ladder works the same in all games. Unlucky Mrs. Hudson sitting at #10 has no aspirations for the top ladder spot, but here it comes nonetheless. This is a DE tournament with 4 players. Mrs. Hudson, players ranked #2, #3, and an unranked player. Mrs. Hudson plays #2 first and beats them. This now elevates her to position #6 on the ladder. In her next game, she plays player #3 and beats them. She is now is #4 on the leaderboard and goes to the finals. #2 and #3 battle it out to get to the finals and #2 wins. Naturally, Mrs. Hudson now beats #2 in the finals and is elevated to #3. She just won the tournament and gets a ladder boost upwards to the #2 spot and she now earned 30 ladder points now elevated her to the #1 spot. From #10 to #1 in three games. My illustrative point here is #1 is always at risk. If you give #1 more ladder points for a win, that just further entrenches them in that spot. If they win 4 tournaments in two days that is giving them 60 extra points, and only 30 get shaved off each time a new player 'should' be occupying #1. I believe it is a significant disadvantage to the rest of the ladder players to further entrench a player. If he knew he had 60 or 90 or 120 extra ladder points as #1, then I would never show up on the last day. Then you would just be risking it. Keeping it the way it is now, allows Mrs. Hudson and the rest of the players to be #1. If #1 isn't there for the last day or so, I guarantee they'll be unseated. (assuming Gin, Cribbage or Backgammon) There are too many tournaments scheduled during the last couple of days, oftentimes on even the half-hour, some days there might be 20+ tournaments. All the peasants will be playing and so should the King or Queen or they will quickly find their way to the dungeon!

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