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Posted by ChrisCrossed (TD) 5 May 2019 6:31pm

Most of you know I am fairly new to GC Tournament Hosting... and still going through a learning curve. We TD's have had some days of being scheduled tightly, and not being here as much as we would like to be. AND trying to fill in the space left by DeDe isn't easy, as she was so experienced and good at what she did.

I have learned from this month T.O.C. that I should not have set a tourney immediately before. TY to the patient players who waited the extra few minutes for the previous tourney to play out.

In general, though, I saw some troublesome things happen.... my main point is that bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Twice, there were deliberate disconnects by losing players and I find that unfair and unnecessary.

It's just as easy to hit the resign button or play out the last play of the game... rather than cause delays in the tourney in making the winning player and all other tourney players wait while your disconnect is processed.

Bad Sportsmanship and delay of tourneys are things that are not tolerated, and actions may well be taken in future tournaments.

Thanks again to all for welcoming me as your Backgammon Tourney host for as often as I can schedule!

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Play backgammon tournaments online

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