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Is JAVA a requirement?
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Is JAVA a requirement?
Posted by alan_h (VIP) 21 Sep 2018 4:08am

I have twice tried to creat my own table. After creating my preferences and submitting it my table was not created! Is there an obscure button I did not press? Or is it requirement to have JAVA? I am using an ipad and don't have JAVA. Cheers, Alan H.

NO, Java is not only unnecessary - it is NOT recommended
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 21 Sep 2018 9:46am

For iOS (iPad and iPhone), we recommend using a native app Backgammon Live
rather than the web browser.

When creating a free game table, make sure NOT to select Ticket area's Terms & Conditions

Posted by alan_h (VIP) 21 Sep 2018 1:45pm

Thanks for the reply. The only issue I am having is trying to create by table. Everything else is fine. Will loading 'backgammon live' help with that issue? Cheers, Alan H.

Backgammon Live on iPad / iPhone will work better
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 21 Sep 2018 2:28pm

Backgammon Live on iPad / iPhone will work better

Posted by alan_h (VIP) 22 Sep 2018 3:21pm

I must be doing something wrong as I am now able to create a table but it does show up on the page where other players can select me as an opponent on my table! Sorry for being a pest. Can you suggest where I may be going wrong? Cheers, alan H

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