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Tuning new non-Java backgammon to fit your preferences
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Tuning new non-Java backgammon to fit your preferences
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 25 Mar 2016 12:33pm

For our new Non-Java backgammon, there are 2 color options: blue app & green app.

- For a blue app, almost all colors are digitally the same as they were in our older java backgammon

- the size of every window can be changed vertically or horizontally, which will change the display and the backgammon board significanly and the backgammon app will 'remember' the new window size for future use

- opening a table can be in 2 different ways, depending on preferences. Starting from the backgammon game lobby, please select Menu -> Preferences and select between 'Opening a table in new window' or 'Opening a table in current window'. Your selection will be 'remembered' for future use.

- the speed and the looks of the non-Java versions are best with Google Chrome browser available from:
Google Chrome is currently the fastest and the most stable web browser.

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