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With the closure of Microsoft Zone's Cribbage, ACC Cribbage players have a new home -!

ACC has a co-branded cribbage site powered by Co-branded ACC/ site is now live and linked via home page (ACC@GameColony) to

ACC and promote cribbage and have online cribbage games and tournaments offered via their co-branded site. Both free games and games for cash prizes are available.

ACC was previously associated with Zone's cribbage.

Below are the important advantages of co-branded ACC/GameColony site as compared to the former Microsoft Zone cribbage:

  • Secure Site: At ACC/GameColony site you see only the cards that are needed for play at the time of play, the remaining cards are placed on the secure server until needed. (ACC cribbage commissioner Robert Milk comments, "I play frequently on a 28.8 dial-up [at the site powered by], and there is almost no delay."
  • Manual Scoring Option - This is a unique option for sites powered by - this option requires that you score your points during play and count your own hand and crib. If you claim more than you have, you peg is placed in the correct hole and the non-offending player receives the amount of overpeg as a penalty. Before starting to use the advanced manual scoring option, the beginners are encouraged to play with default automatic scoring; this allows everyone to become familiar with the site before adding complexities.
  • Responsive Contact Us - A means to request information from Game Colony. Some examples include; various issue reports, questions, comments, rules, concerns, etc. Once submitted, you receive an acknowledgement within several minutes. Game Colony strives to respond to all submitted requests within 8 hours.
  • GameColony has a reliable 24/7 system diminishing disconnects/boots.   Per Robert Milk: "In four years only once was I not able to return to the exact point of the game from which I was at the time of the disconnect. I have played over 7500 games on this site and only on one disconnect could I not return to the exact point (about 3 years ago)."
  • GameColony cribbage supports both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Playing Cribbage for iOS and Android mobile devices is a breeze!
  • GameColony has a great dedicated team of Tournament Directors

Long before the United Kingdom had legalized gambling, cribbage was the only game that was allowed to be played for money in the pubs. Cribbage is a card game where skill (as opposed to chance) is a predominant factor. That's why when players compete in Cribbage tournaments or games for cash prizes, they do not "gamble" -- according to the statutes of most US states, gambling is defined as: "risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance". Playing cribbage for money is, thus, a "competitive entertainment" rather than "gambling". Skill plays a predominant role in the majority of hands in Cribbage and, especially over the long run, the more skilled player is destined to win more cash prizes!

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