Do you have a new Windows computer and a problem with Java?

PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL the newest Java 8 YET!

If you have installed Java 8, the games won't work. You'd need to uninstall Java 8 and then re-install the previous Java 7 from:

Even though your computer is brand new, it may have either no Java or older Java installed. See below how to diagnose whether you have Java installed at all and which version.
You can get the newest Java HERE.

Do you have Java enabled on your computer and which Java version?

You can quickly see if Java is enabled on your computer and which version. If you have Java, you will be able to see your Java version HERE

New Sun Java Virtual Machine for All Windows Platforms

New Sun Java Virtual Machine can be downloaded & installed FROM HERE

Prior to installing Sun Java:

  • Uninstall old versions: check in your Control Panel to see if you have any coffee-cup-like images named 'Java Plug-in' If you have them, select Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs and remove 'Java 2 Runtime environment' programs. Remove as many of them as you find there. After the above procedure, reboot the computer.
  • If you have any anti-virus program that is currently running, temporarily disable it prior to installation.

How to Disable Sun Java and Install Microsoft Java

Although it's a bit harder to install, Microsoft Java is faster and very stable. Microsoft Java, however, will only work within Internet Explorer. Microsoft Java will also not work on Vista under Internet Explorer version 8 or later.

To use Microsoft Java, you would need to disable Sun Java first.

How to disable Sun Java
Open up Internet Explorer and go to the 'Tools' menu located on top of the Internet Explorer window. Here, select 'Internet Options'. Go to Advanced' tab and scroll down until you see Sun Java. Just uncheck the box and hit 'Apply' then press 'OK'. Now your are ready to install your new Microsoft Java.

How to install Microsoft Java

To install Microsoft Java on your PC, click HERE and save to 'My Documents' or wherever you normally save.
Double click the file and click install.
After the file is installed, it will ask you to reboot/restart your yes.

When your PC restarts, open up Internet Explorer and go to the 'Tools' menu located at the top of the Internet Explorer window and select 'Internet Options'. Now go to 'Advanced' tab, scroll down until you see 'Microsoft VM' and make sure all 3 boxes are checked. Now select 'Apply' button and then press OK.

There's one last step left after the above: click HERE to get an update for Microsoft Java and save it to 'My Documents' or where you normally save.
Double-click the file and install it. After it installs, it will ask you to reboot/restart your yes.

When your PC restarts, your new Microsoft Java should be ready -- just go to and enter any room -- you should be good to go.

Switching between Sun Java and Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (for Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista)

Both Sun java and Microsoft Java can reside on the same computer without creating a conflict.

Sun Java is updated very often, sometimes weekly.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can easily switch between Sun Java and Microsoft Java (you'd need to have both installed as per above).

The procedure of turning back on your existing Microsoft Java is slightly different depending on which version of Sun Java you have installed. In both cases, you'd need to turn off Sun Java from your Internet Explorer and then Microsoft Java would 'kick in' on its own.

If you have Internet Explorer browser and Sun Java version 1.5.0 and later, you'd need to go to your browser's menus: Tool/Internet Options/Advanced. Here you'd need to find Java (Sun) item and uncheck it & press OK. Then, you'd need to close/reopen Internet Explorer.

If you have Sun Java plugin for the previous version of Sun Java, you'd need to go to Control Panel/Java plug-in/Browsers tab. Here you'd need to uncheck Internet Explorer & press OK. ((On Windows XP and Vista, Java Plugin can be in Control Panel/ Other group)

Once you uncheck Internet Explorer from Sun Java Plugin - Microsoft Java should take control upon browser restart. This will only happen IF Microsoft Java is present and correctly configured. If not present/configured, then you can still get it by (1) installing Build 3810 (see above) and (2) installing Windows Updates (see above)

Sun Java Virtual Machine for Macs

Sun Java 1.4.2 for Macs is available from HERE

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