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gin rummy - 4 aces

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Gin rummy is an easy-to-learn 2-player card game of skill. A game of standard gin rummy consists of several hands and the first player who gets 100 or more agreed-upon points wins the game. Gin players from all over the world play gin rummy online at Here you can play regular gin rummy, gin-only games and Oklahoma Gin Rummy. You can select from 100 to 500 point games, play multi-player gin tournaments, participate in Gin Rummy Ladder and win prizes.

Gin Rummy: How to Play and Win book is great for both beginners and intermediate players. It explains Gin Rummy rules in a very clear and detailed fashion. If you have not played before you will have no problem learning from this book. It offers great strategy that's easy to understand. The book will help any player improve his game.

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