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Hottest players of rps
Posted by CustardNick (VIP) 24 Oct 2007 5:12pm

Who in your opinions are the top players to look out for, we are talking psychology/gameplay or just downright lucky lol names!!
my opinion :
meeeeeee (joke) lol

sorry if misspelt or left out

Posted by fair_game (VIP) 25 Oct 2007 7:53pm

i think everyone has ability to beat these players who listed above..all are top players for me!!

Posted by MightBeTime_xyi (VIP) 30 Oct 2007 11:40pm

Good question. I think Bonus Tix is as good as spades for sure. Blade always gives me a rough time as does ssgamenut and many others.

If only they would come and stay in main room once in a while we could get games every day. Rememeber tournies every monday and thursday at 30pm.

Oh yes, and where is Boxes? He used to love this game and hasn't been back becasue there were no palyers before. Let's find him and get him back.

hi everyone.....
Posted by MagicGames (TD) 26 Nov 2007 10:11am

Rps was moving forward and lost a little steam. When can u meet? Everyone is in the same boat. Players want to play but no one is on at the same time and seeing zero or one non-registered player in main room keeps the players away. How about getting some games in ladder between 2:30-4pm every day? Wait for some players and they will come once established.

After 3pm tourneys, which I will start in december again, how about players going to main room for some games? GL We will keep trying.

Come back
Posted by MightBeTime_xyi (VIP) 16 May 2009 11:02am

Hi all. Hopefully some or all of these players will come back to play as rps is a lot of phycological fun. Maybe we can recruit some new players and meet at the times suggested in meeting post. See you whoever can play.

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