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Posted by PRETTY_PATTI_ (TD) 8 May 2018 7:22pm

Hello Everyone! I'm your newest TD to join the team here at GC. I love gin rummy, all the versions, all the nuances, all the competition. I will be offering various tournaments at various times to help usher in a fresh feel to the multi-tournament arena and more importantly, ladder play. I welcome all suggestions, preferences, and pointers you can share to make this enjoyable for you and for me! See you at the tables!

Welcome our newest TD
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 15 May 2018 2:02pm

For good ladder movement, I would like to see a regular DE in gin tournament at a set time each day so we know there will be one when away and can plan to attend, if possible. Suggest 10pm every day as there seems to be players on site. 100 pts 3 or 4 tix would generate a good response I believe once established.

For more ladder activity
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 15 May 2018 7:57pm

Congratulations on becoming a TD there Patti. Looking forward to play in your tournaments. For greater ladder participation and activity, I suggest hosting a D/E 100 pts tournaments for 4 or 5$. Would improve ladder movement as the BG D/E does and would generate more interest for players I believe. Other shorter tournaments would then improve participation. It also would be good to establish a set time so players who are not on much can know to come on for that tournament. Two things are important, little or no conflicts with other games, if possible. For example, seems to be more players on in gin in the evenings so a 10 pm D/E consistently being there would allow players to plan for it. They can play in others before or after but also know that 10pm is always there with the same ladder activity generating format. Hope it works and I suspect would increase participation. Good luck

Posted by PRETTY_PATTI_ (TD) 16 May 2018 12:21pm

Thank you for the kind words MagicGames. I have taken note of your suggestions and asked the full TD team to do so as well. It will take time to establish the ins/outs of multi-tournament play both here in Gin and elsewhere. Patience and persistence will be vital for us all. Thank you so much for your focused support. We need more like you!!

What happened to the Gin DE at 10pm?
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 4 Jun 2018 6:50pm

We got 6 players first try and then Tds stopped hosting it. Same Tds instead have been hosting 10pm in bg or elsewhere which gave gin no chance to develop a following for that special event and random tournies are showing up without any reason to pick one over the other, hence getting more cancels or 3 player tournaments which are not really tournaments. IF it was a round robin then players can earn a tournament win. A bye should never put anyone in the finals without playing a game.

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