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Good News
Posted by DeDe (TD) 28 Mar 2018 12:27pm

Stated default times-per-move in newly created tournaments will now be in seconds with default being 20 sec-per-move

Posted by Charmeuse (VIP) 29 Mar 2018 9:06pm

Default timer button choice is still 1/2 min or 30 sec, if this is so, please have admin adjust the default button 1/3 min or else people will forget to change it. Thanks.

Posted by DeDe (TD) 2 Apr 2018 1:22pm

Do not touch TIMER when setting table in tourney as all tourneys are preset for 20 seconds . Thanks

Posted by Charmeuse (VIP) 3 Apr 2018 2:40am

Actually I don't touch it, it's all preset at 30 sec, I have to physically change it to 20 every single time. If I finished up 1 game and advanced, the timer was at 30 sec again when I opened up a new table, I had to change it back to 20 sec again and sometimes I just forgot. That's why I am asking the default time be set at 20 sec. I am using Java btw, that might be the reason why. So, maybe the default timer doesn't work for Java, should ask the admin to change it.

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